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Resuse, Recyle
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Recycle, Reuse not Refuse

I have spent the whole of my working life as a Technician in the IT and Electronic service industry, starting out as a Radio and TV Engineer. Did you know that DEC (remember them?) only hired ex TV Engineers to...

Hacked iPad - protect yourself from Cyber Threats

Staying Safe Online in 2020

Our news programs and social media feeds are often full of the latest and greatest in technological innovation – this year has already brought us the 53rd Consumer Electronics show where companies demonst...

Paperless Election Blog
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Cyber Election Special – your vote is costing the earth

The campaign machines are white-hot from churning out the latest pledges, and in one week we’ll know the result of one of the most talked about and significant elections. Conversations, from the workplace to th...

The Day the Earth Stood Still

How far away from “The Day the Earth Stood Still” are we?

Whether you watched the original 1951 by Paul Harris Boardman or the 2008 remake starring Keanu Reeves, there’s no denying that the alien and his robot bodyguard who descended on planet Earth to wreak havoc wit...

AI and Football Collaboration Blog

Can AI solve UEFA’s problems?

For anyone remotely interested in football, we can all agree that last night’s England V Bulgaria game, broadcasted from Sofia saw some disgraceful scenes. This is yet another stain on the health of football, e...

Vissensa Blog Image 3

“The Greta Effect” – is the use of Cloud overheating?

At the recent UN Climate Change conference, Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg took many of the world’s leaders and decision makers to task about their stewardship of the planet. Her comments are backed up by incr...

Blog - IT and Millennials

Can traditional IT spending trends cope in the Millennial age?

As someone who was born in the 50’s, it’s fair to say I’m coming to the end of my IT spend decision making days – the rising stars of today and tomorrow are firmly in the driving seat. As more and more mi...

UK Productivity Growth

The UK Productivity Puzzle – Is Technology The Answer?

The UK’s Productiv-IT-y Puzzle Last month, official government data shows that over the last decade UK productivity growth fell to a level lower than at any time in the 20th century. At a time when techno...

Business Turn Around

The Art of Business Turn Round

The Art of Business Turn Round Many senior managers and C-suite execs will have experienced or viewed from a distance the turmoil of a company that is grappling with the intricacies of successfully turning arou...

Cloud Information

The Splinternet is coming!

Every time we use the internet we are either intentionally or unintentionally submitting ourselves to the harvesting of our metadata and building on discussions around the Splinternet. It tracks and stores huge...