Teams Telephony

Communication at the click of a button

Anytime, anywhere, any device.

It’s time to discover the new way of working! Create your own hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365 and give your team the ability to communicate, collaborate and engage.

With Vissensa’s Teams Telephony Solution, it doesn’t matter where you are or which device you’re using – you’re always connected. One number, across multiple devices.

For a seamless experience, Vissensa can now implement the Microsoft Teams app and Teams devices into your working set up, allowing you to make calls and join meetings with the click of a button, wherever you are.

Calling, chat, and meetings – all in a single app

Simplify your communications by bringing chat, telephony and meetings together in Microsoft Teams. Firstly, your contacts and calendar are connected across Teams and Outlook. Secondly, your Word, Excel and Powerpoint files are connected – seamlessly sharing these within calls, making meetings more efficient. It’s just like plugging your laptop into a monitor in a meeting room. Just a lot quicker (and with much less playing around with remote controls and cables…)

Teams Telephony available
with any Microsoft 365 Plan

If you are already using Microsoft Teams for internal communication, you can either move your original number across or set up brand new numbers that allow you to call directly from Teams.

Microsoft Teams Logo

Teams – used daily by 75 million users

Microsoft Teams is used by more than 75 million users a day, to help organisations collaborate, streamline their internal communications and much more. By integrating your phone system too, you’re simplifying things even further, making it that little bit easier to stay connected.


Microsoft 365 Capabilities

  • Vissensa has been managing Microsoft 365 environments for its customers for many years, all over the world so when you sign up - it’s not just Teams expertise you’ll get.

Extra Telephony Services

  • Vissensa is all about forward thinking. Take your Microsoft Teams Telephony to the next level by creating Extensions, Hunt-Groups, Menus, Voicemail to Email and much more.

Bundled Minutes

  • Instead of the traditional allocation of minutes per user, Vissensa provides a fixed price per month for a bundle of minutes shared across the company, allowing you to save money as your company grows!

Move your numbers with ease

  • Vissensa can either move your numbers to Teams Telephony, or allocate new numbers. The choice is yours. You’ll then be provided with a fixed cost for a set of numbers, or a cost per number for a new range.

No Long Term Contracts

  • Gone are the days of 5 year Telephony contracts, we all like things to be kept simple. Vissensa provides a simple, short term telephony contract with flexibility to add and remove users when required – as easy as that.


Telephony Teams Telephony
Call management and phone system administation
Extensions, hunt groups, pickup groups
Intelligent call steering (IVR), messaging, voicemail
Local, mobile and International calling
Compatible with multiple headsets and handsets
Call management and phone system administration
Call Recording
Call log reports
Mobile apps for IOS and Andriod
Voice mail and voice mail to email
Multi-factor authentication (2FA) account intergration
Intergration with M365 service online
Intergration with Microsoft/Google/Box

Pricing Packages

Basic Teams Telephony

  • Teams Telephony Capabilities
  • Microsoft 365 Business Voice
  • PBX Lines
  • Bundled Minutes
  • 2,500 Landline and 1,000 mobile company wide

Basic Package

Standard Teams Telephony

  • Teams Telephony Capabilities
  • Microsoft 365 Business Voice
  • PBX Lines
  • Bundled Minutes
  • 5,000 Landline and 2,000 mobile company wide


Premium Teams Telephony

  • Teams Telephony Capabilities
  • Business Voice
  • PBX Lines
  • Bundled Minutes
  • 10,000 Landline and 4,000 mobile company wide


This pricing structure is based on a customer with existing Microsoft 365 licensing, with 50% of staff covered by a PBX line for concurrent calls, and not exceeding the bundle of minutes. Larger, more flexible minute bundles are available if needed.

Need more minutes?Vissensa can provide a variety of different minutes plans to suit your business.
We have bundles available from; 625 Landline and 250 Mobile, through to 50,000 Landline and 20,000 Mobile.

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