In today’s fast-paced business environment, organisations are constantly seeking ways to optimise their workflow processes and reduce manual intervention. Vissensa recently helped a number of clients embrace Power Automate, a powerful automation tool by Microsoft, to tackle various workflow challenges. This blog post explores our Power Automate Use Cases and how Vissensa leveraged Power Automate to automate tasks, enhance efficiency, and achieve significant time savings.

Understanding the Pain Points

Clients came to Vissensa faced with various common challenges, encountered by many businesses—tedious manual processes, such as the time-consuming task of creating the same folders and saving email attachments for multiple users on a daily basis, as well as Form Process automation. These repetitive tasks not only hindered productivity but, also, tied up valuable resources that could be better utilized for higher-value activities.

Power Automate Use Case 1: Automating Folder Creation and saving of Email Attachments 

One of the Power Automate projects involved automating the creation of folders within a SharePoint site whenever a new row was added to a specific spreadsheet. This solution eliminated the need for manual folder creation and ensured seamless organisation of documents. Furthermore, Power Automate was configured to automatically save email attachments received in a shared mailbox into the newly created folders, reducing human intervention and potential errors. Once delivered, the clients’ admin team only needs to add a new resource to a spreadsheet in SharePoint with the required fields. And, once saved, the Power Automate flows kick in to create a root folder based on, in this case, the resources name and unique ID then, within this root folder, set of standardized sub folders. Once in place, when that resource submits emails to a shared mailbox containing various attachments, those attachments are saved into the relevant resource folder.  

Power Automate Use Case 2: Streamlining New Starter Onboarding

The second Power Automate project focused on simplifying the onboarding process for new starters. Vissensa implemented Microsoft 365 Forms, allowing managers to complete a comprehensive form with all the necessary information for the new resource. The Power Automate flow associated with the form then generated a CSV file, which the ServiceDesk utilised to script the creation of the resource. By automating this previously time-consuming task, Vissensa achieved faster onboarding and reduced the administrative burden on the Servicedesk. The form also contained a section on new hardware provisioning which, if filled out, meant a separate Power Automate Flow sent the request to a different resource who would approve the purchase and move forward.

Impact and Benefits

The implementation of Power Automate had a significant impact for the clients. The reduction in manual intervention and the automation of repetitive tasks resulted in a remarkable 50%-time saving for the administrative team. This newfound efficiency allowed team members to focus on more strategic activities, contributing to enhanced productivity and overall business growth.

Additionally, the accuracy and consistency achieved through Power Automate’s automated processes eliminated human errors and ensured standardized procedures across the organisation. This translated into improved customer satisfaction and strengthened Vissensa’s reputation as a reliable and efficient service provider.

Overcoming Challenges

Implementing Power Automate did not come without its own set of challenges. Vissensa encountered a learning curve during the initial stages of the projects, as they familiarized themselves with the tool’s capabilities and customization options. However, with the help of available resources, documentation, and support from the Power Automate community, Vissensa successfully overcame these obstacles and achieved their desired outcomes.

What This Means For Us and You

Vissensa’s experience with Power Automate and our Power Automate Projects showcases the transformative power of automation in streamlining workflows and optimising business processes. By leveraging Power Automate’s capabilities, Vissensa helped clients reduce manual intervention, saved valuable time, and enhanced productivity. Furthermore, the accuracy and consistency achieved through automation contributed to improved customer satisfaction and overall business success.

As businesses worldwide continue to seek innovative solutions to boost efficiency, Power Automate remains a valuable tool to consider. Vissensa’s success story, shown in these Power Automate Use Cases, serves as an inspiration for organizations looking to optimize their workflow processes and unlock the true potential of automation.

If these Power Automate Use Cases sound like something that could help you too, get in touch, and we can begin your automation journey with Vissensa.