Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Leverage the freedom of Microsoft Azure with Vissensa. Providing complete flexibility across one of the world’s most renowned public Cloud providers. Microsoft Azure Consulting Services with Vissensa ensures you are backed by a sophisticated team of engineers that have been managing Clouds for decades.

An Introduction to Cloud Computing with Azure

By helping to plan, migrate and maintain your cloud environment, we can help remove the complexity of cloud with our Microsoft Azure Consulting Services. 

The rise of Cloud computing is increasing at an exponential rate year on year, currently exceeding over $350 billion!

Both large and small companies are considering how using Azure apps and infrastructure can form part of their digital transformation journey, from maintaining the invested fixed on-premises solutions they need to keep, while moving to more agile consumption-based cloud models for other parts of their business.

What is Microsoft Azure used for? Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services designed to help your organisation meet your business challenges. You’ll be given the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive global network using your favourite tools and frameworks.

With Azure, your business will establish and consistently meet clear security and privacy requirements across a range of global accreditations including ISO and PCI DSS.

Microsoft Azure Consulting Services
Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Vissensa’s Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Working with Vissensa on your Azure journey you’ll be assured of options and support to help increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our Microsoft Azure Consulting Services include Azure Virtual Machines, Desktop/Application Delivery, Storage, Backup & DR, Cloud Connectivity, Cloud Optimisation, Data Intelligence, Databases, AI learning and Internet of Things. We can offer the full range of cloud service options fully managed and hosted in Microsoft Azure.

Whether it’s a new digital transformation project using cloud services for the first time or migration from existing on-premise or private cloud services, our team have first-hand practical design and implementation experience that will make sure the transition is well planned and stress free.

Vissensa closely follows the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and also offers payg migrations (Pay as you Go), which means your Azure project will be implemented to exact standards and using the right technology for the service. Our reputation in delivering complex and strategic projects for big or small organisations is well recognised. Coupling that with our case studies and testimonials should reflect our passion and expertise to deliver by the people that matter, our customers.

Azure Product Solutions and Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Azure apps and infrastructure

Azure Virtual Machines

Creating virtual machine(s) in Azure couldn’t be easier, with the help of our expert team . We can provide advice and guidance on which Azure app and infrastructure best fits the requirements and then quickly create a Windows Virtual Machine in Azure on a short of long term basis. Azure also supports a variety of other operating systems such as Azure Linux Virtual Machine or Azure MAC OS Virtual Machine, so if the application requires a specific OS, Vissensa expertise can play a part in a successful deployment.

Our team sizes and configures Azure Virtual Machine deployments on a daily basis for our clients. This means they are highly skilled at designing cloud projects to ensure the appropriate resources are selected to ensure unnecessary costs don’t creep into a configuration without sacrificing flexibility.

Azure Backup and Recovery Services

The ability to recover systems and data successfully when an organisations services become unavailable is usually a hindsight moment for business without the services to do so. Immediate financial loss, reduced customer confidence, reputational damage and lost data intelligence are just a few of the consequences.

Azure backup and recovery services are a fast and cost effective way of ensuring that business continuity can be maintained for the critical services that keep a business running. With the added advantage that it can be slimmed down or scaled up quickly to respond to market conditions.

Vissensa’s Business continuity options include Azure backup and recovery services and other leading recovery tools. These options secure organisations data and systems every day. Talk to our team who can help identify the right software and configuration for your needs, from file recovery to a database backup strategy and much more.

Azure Database Services

Moving your database to the cloud is a direction many organisations are looking towards due to the added latency and advantages of Azure SQL database being off premise. However, it’s usually a big project and one that requires a lot of thought due to the importance of the data.

Vissensa’s Microsoft Azure Consulting Services experts can provide Azure database services to plan your project, install and build your Azure SQL database architecture. You can even trust our team with the Azure database management so you can focus on other tasks.

Azure Cloud Storage Services

The explosion of the use of Azure storage by large and small organisations alike is fuelled by the ability of this service to adapt quickly to any data storage requirement along with the attributes of being highly available and scalable while remaining a secure place to store business-critical information.

Azure storage cloud offers a range of storage options designed to accommodate many types of files or objects. These options include Azure Disk Storage, used primarily to store loadable images for Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Blob storage, archive data and large amounts of data to be used by connected Azure applications.

Our Microsoft Azure Consulting Services team manages and operates hundreds of terabytes of data storage on a daily basis in our own cloud, on-premise and in the Azure cloud, so we are an ideal partner to help plan your storage requirements and infrastructure.

Azure Firewall Options

Securing Azure apps and infrastructure so that business can operate with the flexibility it needs requires robust security solutions that focus on operability and reliability. Azure Firewall options provide security and support to organisations in order to protect their data and applications.

The Azure Firewall is a stateful Firewall that allows your cloud applications to interact and scale with other services without the need for physical firewall deployments.

Although easy to purchase, the correct setup and configuration are vital to the security of your business and its data. That’s why Vissensa operates a firewall managed service option with our Physical and Virtual firewall deployments including Azure Firewall.

Through our Microsoft Azure Consulting Services team have relationships with numerous security vendors and can help identify and install the right solution for your needs.

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What is Microsoft Azure used for?

Microsoft Azure can be used in many ways. Our Microsoft Azure Consulting Services include Azure Virtual Machines, Desktop/Application Delivery, Storage, Backup & DR, Cloud Connectivity, Cloud Optimisation, Data Intelligence, Databases, AI learning and Internet of Things. Find out more ..

What is Microsoft Azure in simple terms?

Azure is Microsoft's public cloud computing platform. It provides a range of cloud services, including compute, analytics, storage and networking. Users can pick and choose from these services to develop and scale new applications, or run existing applications in the public cloud. You can see some of the services here...

What is an Azure virtual machine?

A virtual machine, is no different than any other physical computer like a laptop, smart phone, or server. It has a CPU, memory, disks to store your files, and can connect to the internet if needed. An Azure Virtual Machine means that all this is hosted in Azure Cloud as a virtual computer. Find out how you could use this...

What types of Microsoft Azure Consulting services are there?

We can offer multiple Microsoft Azure Consulting Services via our team of expert cloud professionals which include:

  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Desktop or application delivery
  • Azure database configuration
  • Azure storage
  • Securing Azure apps and infrastructure with firewalls
  • Azure backup and recovery services
  • Azure optimisation 
  • and much more ....