Microsoft 365 Security

Microsoft 365 Security Overview

Microsoft has a number of advanced security tools that helps its users to protect themselves from malicious and external threats. Microsoft 365 Security solutions such as Defender provide businesses with a security suite already integrated within Microsoft 365. This occurs even before the introduction of any third-party tools or applications.

Microsoft’s Security features cover a wide area of the 365 suite, covering everything from Microsoft 365 Cloud App Security to Microsoft 365 Email Security and many things in between, each protecting your data in different ways. You can protect your Email, defend your cloud apps and create backups of your data to ensure the safety of your systems and network.

Additionally, by supplementing Microsoft’s security features with software and hardware options such as Barracuda or Veeam, you can ensure a fully cohesive security system that covers a wide range of vulnerabilities.

Microsoft 365 Security

Microsoft 365 Security Services

Microsoft Defender

Microsoft 365 Email Security

Microsoft Backup

Microsoft 365 Cloud App Security

Microsoft Defender 

Microsoft Defender takes a holistic approach to security and covers a wide range of areas in your system such as Endpoints, Office 365 and Identity, among other areas. 

Microsoft Defender contains features such as Anti-malware and antivirus protection at all levels, vulnerability assessments, firewall and application control, threat and vulnerability management and many, many more. 

Some of Defender’s more proactive features are designed to take the fight to the cyber criminals with active real time threat detection and exploration tactics. IT utilises Identification of known attack vectors, (AIR) Automated Investigation and Response, and simulated cyber attacks to do so. 

Microsoft Defender also helps to protect users through both advanced behaviour analysis and reducing the angles of attack that a bad actor actually has.

Microsoft 365 Security

Microsoft 365 Email Security 

91% of cyber attacks start via email. Because of this, it is crucial to ensure that your email is sufficiently protected. 

The Microsoft 365 Email Security solutions found within Microsoft’s own platforms are extensive, with them all collectively working together to ensure that your emails are adequately protected from the newest cyber threats.

Outside of Microsoft Defender, there are other ways to beef up your security. Barracuda’s Advanced Threat Protection, Anti-Phishing and Malware Protection and Filtering features do just that, by adding additional layers of protection to your email infrastructure.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft 365 carry out full backups for all aspects of the Microsoft 365 suite, allowing you to access your data from its previous backup.

One thing to note, however, is that these backups currently only last 30 days. With this in mind, looking to external sources for your Microsoft 365 backup solutions might be beneficial to provide that extra layer of protection. Choosing Veeam or Barracuda for their stellar backup services.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is a cloud-based solution that resides in the Azure Cloud. 

By using a third party, it will also be easier to recover the data you have backed up if the worst case scenario occurs.

Microsoft 365 Cloud App Security 

Microsoft 365 Cloud App Security was developed to protect organisations and their users from cyber threats without having to consider how or where the users accessed an application. 

Because users have a range of devices available to access the corporate network including BYOD, Many of the Microsoft 365 Cloud Apps Security features have been enhanced to manage these forms of access by analysing who is accessing systems, where the requests originate from and what applications can be accessed – and from where, and by who.  

Defender for cloud apps includes the labelling and encryption of files using Microsoft Information Protection (MIP), as well as features that help in the identification and prevention of these acts with a wide range of tools. These include risky user monitoring, blocking of access to certain apps and session Access and Control.

The Vissensa Consultancy Process

At Vissensa we have kept a watchful eye over our client’s infrastructure and systems for over a decade and have continually advanced and improved their security systems to ensure the highest levels of data and application protection.


Our security teams have real-world experience with the need to secure an environment while ensuring that the business continues to be as accessible to authorised personnel as ever. 


Our installation and configuration of Microsoft 365 security tools such as Microsoft Defender extend to organisations large or small and we have tailored plans to suit all business requirements.


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Is Microsoft 365 Secure?

Is Microsoft 365 secure? There are multiple answers to that question. As a solution, you are provided with many secure elements which may need to be configured or turned on by the user. If they are then with good best practices used by the end users Microsoft 365 is secure.

If not used correctly or configured incorrectly then it is open to breach. We can educate or manage Microsft 365 security for you. Find out more ..

What is Microsoft 365 Security?

What is Microsoft 365 Security? In essence, Microsoft gives you tools as part of your 365 subscriptions. These include defender, cloud app security, email protection and backup. We highlight how to use these as default or suggest extra Microsoft 365 security options which we suggest. Find out more...