IT Support For Energy Companies

IT Support For Energy Companies

Vissensa is a leading provider of IT support for energy companies, and with decades of experience within the IT industry have earned a reputation for delivering innovative and reliable solutions. Because of this experience, we understand the unique challenges and demands that most organisations face in their daily operations, and have a number of applicable solutions.

At Vissensa, we are dedicated to supporting our clients in attaining their business objectives through the provision of affordable, adaptable, and reliable IT solutions. Our team utilises an extensive knowledge of the most up-to-date technologies and optimal procedures, to develop and execute the solution your business needs. As we have seen with our energy industry customers, the sector is growing quicky, so you need a support partner with the knowledge and services to scale quickly and to understand the growing pains as the business evolves. We can aide and grow with you as your IT partner of choice.

Collaborating with us enables companies to realise substantial cost reductions, enhance their operational effectiveness, and gain access to professional advice and assistance to ensure the resilience and future-readiness of their IT systems.

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How We Can Support Companies In The Energy Sector

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IT Helpdesk For Energy Companies

Vissensa’s team of IT experts are always on-hand to provide IT Support for Energy Companies. By solving your IT issues as soon as they appear, our team allows you to focus on what’s important.

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Microsoft 365 For The Energy Sector

Our team of Microsoft experts can take your IT systems to the next level. Utilising the leading products from the Microsoft 365 suite, we can enable collaboration across every area of your organisation.

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Energy Hardware and Software

In addition to maintaining your hardware and software, we can help you acquire the necessary equipment from our reliable suppliers within the industry – as well as setting it up!

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Cyber Security In The Energy Sector

Our services for cyber security in the energy sector include cutting-edge email protection for Microsoft 365, defence against cyber fraud, safeguarding against malware and malicious links, anti-phishing measures, spam filtering, and advanced threat protection.

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Cloud Computing In The Energy Sector

Whether you require colocation or cloud computing in the energy sector, Vissensa can assist your business.

Our comprehensive data centre services cover an extensive range of offerings, and we are here to support you at every stage of your journey.

Our Experience Supporting The Energy Sector

Vissensa provide outsourced IT support for organisations of any size. Our support packages can help your business to reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency and introduce your business to future proof products – backed by the support of Vissensa’s team of IT experts.

Collaborating with Vissensa for IT support enables businesses to take advantage of a devoted team of IT experts who can proactively manage their organization’s infrastructure, detect and resolve issues, and ensure that systems and software remain up to date.

IT Support for Energy Companies

Proud To Provide IT Support For Energy Companies

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“With cloud-based services provisioned by Vissensa, we no longer need to worry about underlying IT infrastructure, our software licensing, or or our day-today user support.

Vissensa provides quick reaction to technology issues across the company and allows us to focus on the core business of selling and delivering energy products, and to respond better to customer’s needs.”


Energy Industry IT Services

IT Support for Energy Companies

Cloud Computing In The Energy Sector

Vissensa has the infrastructure and experience to fully support your cloud migration, whether you need a private or public cloud environment, or maybe even a hybrid option. Additionally, we have the ability to migrate you into a wide variety of different cloud options, including: AWS cloud, Microsoft Azure or our own private cloud.

Renewable energy companies often opt for a cloud migration with Vissensa as this can also streamline the process of upgrading a business’ data security, backup and business continuity plans. By utilising the cloud’s flexibility, we can alleviate the maintenance of equipment, and stay ahead of any cyber security threats in the energy sector that may be appear in the future.

Energy Sector Colocation Solutions

Colocation, also known as “Colo," refers to rented space used to house an organization’s computer hardware, including servers, storage, networking equipment, and other computing devices.

Vissensa has been offering Colocation services globally for more than a decade, partnering with top-tier suppliers in the industry like Equinix and Datum Data centres. We provide remote and on-site capabilities that support digital transformation initiatives, offering unmatched flexibility and executing projects at a pace that suits your preferences.

Our services are designed with adaptability in mind and our team will work with you to identify and deliver a solution based on your organisation’s specific requirements – whatever they may be.

IT Support for Energy Companies
Microsoft 365 For The Energy Sector

Microsoft 365 For The Energy Sector

Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity suite brings together the familiar Office Applications coupled with Microsoft’s growing range of communication tools such as Microsoft Teams. Everything you need is now more accessible than ever, with easy to manage monthly payment plans.

As part of a subscription, customers have the ability to take advantage of new tools, products and features that are constantly updated as part of the ongoing Microsoft 365 roadmap. Vissensa offer a variety of 365 services including office 365 technical support and Microsoft consulting services UK.

Cyber Security In The Energy Sector

Cyber Security in the energy sector is crucial. Given the critical infrastructure involved in the industry, Cyber attacks can cause widespread disruption and significant economic losses.

Due to the sensitive data involved and regulations required to operate, ensuring a business’ cyber security is up to standard is up to scratch is not just important, but necessary. With Vissensa’s Cyber Essentials certification, you can be sure that your business contains the fundamentals needed to keep your IT infrastructure safe.

There are a number of Cyber Security threats in the energy sector. As such, Vissensa provide a wide variety of security services including Antivirus & monitoring, Backups & Recovery, Firewalls and much more.

Cyber Security In The Energy Sector


How Does IT Support In The Energy Sector Differ From Other Industries?

IT support for the energy sector accounts for the complex systems used within the industry, and Vissensa's team have the capabilities to support the highly technical requirements of your business.

What are the key Cyber Security threats in the energy sector?

The energy sector uses a lot of critical infrastructure that is highly reliant on IT, making it a prime target for cyberattacks. As a whole the energy sector faces a wide range of cyber security threats, and it is important for organisations to implement strong security measures to protect against these threats.

Who are the popular providers of Cloud Computing in the Energy Sector

Microsoft Azure and AWS are the most popular supplies of Cloud Computing in the energy sector. Alternatively Private Cloud is accessible through a number of Managed Private Cloud Services, such as the ones Vissensa offer