IT Consultancy Services

With over 15+ years of experience as a business and with staff contributing to many more years of industry knowledge than that, it enables Vissensa to be in a great position to offer IT consultancy services. Having been there and done it we can share a multitude of solutions that suit businesses of all sizes, industries and desired infrastructures.

Our aims are to future proof your organisation and improve the way your company works be that for your customers and staff. The desired outcome is to make the technology enhance your business and give you the edge over your competitors.

IT Consultancy

 Vissensa’s IT Consultancy Services

Infrastructure IT Consultancy

Technology set-up can now be the difference between a successful business and an average one. Especially in a world where customers expect everything on demand, quickly and whilst being on the move. Our Infrastructure IT Consultants have the knowledge and the relationships with leading vendors to ensure your organisation has the edge over your competitors. We work with leading data centres, hardware providers and network connectivity services to provide edge computing solutions, colocation and bandwidth depending on your infrastructure needs.

Our IT consultants will listen to your company’s services and plan the right infrastructure solutions to ensure your business will be market-leading. We will then implement and even manage your solution leaving your business to focus on continual innovation and not worrying about your infrastructure service delivery.

IT Consultancy services

Behind The Scenes of Our IT Consulting Services

IT Consultancy services

Microsoft 365 IT Consultancy Services

If you have or are considering Microsoft 365 our team of IT consultants can help you. Setting up the applications and privileges correctly of the suite of Microsft 365 products can help your staff with business continuity and really accelerate collaboration. With the right administration and use of security features, you can really get the most from your packages and set strong foundations for business use and best practice.

If you are looking to transition to Microsoft 365 from G-Suite or another solution our team can help you with the migration. Helping with email, set up and transferring of files or documents we ensure that the process is seamless and you experience little to no adverse effect.

Cloud IT Consulting Services

Whether you are thinking of moving to cloud services or you would like to improve or change the type of cloud platform you are using, our Cloud IT Consulting Services can help you. With expertise in public, private and hybrid cloud platforms utilising our own enterprise hosting, Azure or AWS we can identify, plan, implement and maintain the solution for you.

Our skills enable us to optimise your cloud platform, utilise storage, analytics, databases, security or create virtual machines plus many more features of cloud.

IT Consultancy services

Digital Transformation Consulting

Ensuring sure your business can constantly change to evolving environments and is continually innovating to try and achieve optimum performance are the critical areas for Digital Transformation. Doing so can be split into 3 key areas; Improving your customer’s experience, improving operational processes within the business and transforming the business models by using digital tools over physical offerings.

Vissensa’s IT Consultancy Services can look at your business objectively and understand how to improve via the benefits of Digital Transformation. We can look into your customer experience to see if you can deliver your service more reliably, quicker or with better quality possibly via IT infrastructure or technology.
Utilising tools like Microsoft 365, Teams Telephony and Power Automate we can improve collaboration and even automate many manual processes to save your team time. Enhancing operational processes such as enabling your team to work smarter are great leaps toward Digital Transformation.
Optimising your business model is another strategy our IT Consultancy Services can assist with. This could be moving on-premise servers into the cloud, integrating digital systems to connect data flows, improving connectivity bandwidth and moving towards enhancing data security for compliance and protecting intellectual property.

There are many ways to enhance your business and speaking with experts can move those processes forward more quickly.

Connectivity Consulting

The connectivity of your business really is the backbone and gateway to success. Our IT Consultancy Services team can assess what you have, decide what you need and provide you with possible solutions. Whether it’s a business leased line, dark fibre, ethernet solutions, IP transit or cloud connectivity we have the relationships to improve your services.

Our leading connectivity services provide expert consultancy, implementation and support. These services use our knowledge to be able to match the requirement to the available options quickly, design short-term and interim network solutions and manage the entire process so that your business can concentrate on what it does best and enable you to innovate further.

IT Consultancy services

Software and Hardware Consulting Services

Understanding the specification you need when purchasing hardware and software is one of the main sources of confusion for many businesses. Not to mention the procurement process and the installation set-up when it arrives.

Vissensa IT Consultancy Services takes care of this for you. We can understand your business needs and translate that into hardware specifications. We will procure it for you and then ensure that it is pre-built so all you need to do is turn it on and get started.

For growing organisations, this means you can concentrate on your new hires and not the business class laptops.

As leading IT consultants we can also offer Tech As A Service (TaaS) which is a comprehensive and flexible way to bundle hardware, software and services into a subscription-style pricing model.

Security IT Consultancy Services

Our IT Consultancy Services team can analyse your current security and suggest improvements so that you keep to compliance standards, prevent losing information that powers your business and avoid data breaches that damage your brand.

Depending on your business model our team can look into Office 365 cyber security, email protection, anti-virus, monitoring, firewalls and even go as far as introducing zero trust processes into your business for maximum best practice.

Coupled with those security measures, we will also looki at backups so that should the worst scenario occur you can get back to business quickly without losing all your information.

IT Consultancy services

Project Delivery

Our IT Consultancy Services capabilities mean we are a perfect partner to assist or manage projects you may have. Whether that be a new office or warehouse whatever your need, our experts can look into infrastructure, hardware, software, security and connectivity to set you up and get you up and running as soon as possible.

We will provide you with a project manager who will be your point of contact and will involve specialists as and when necessary to cover all angles.No matter how bespoke your technical needs may be we can analyse, plan and implement the project with you and then offer a managed service on solutions that you may need to be monitored and supported.

The Vissensa IT Consultancy Process

Our IT Consultancy Services can assist you no matter the stage of your project. We can assist at the very start of your project by identifying your needs, helping you plan the solution, implementing the plan and ongoing management.

IT Consultancy services

Trusted IT Consultancy Services

IT Support London

“FBS had been looking for a partner to assist with deploying critical infrastructure to help sustain our business growth. Over a period of a number of months, Vissensa has been at the forefront of the design and implementation of our infrastructure.

The ability to call on Vissensa as and when there has been an issue or to help recommend improvements to our infrastructure has been proven multiple times by Vissensa’s technical ability across a range of server and storage infrastructure.

Vissensa has proven itself as a trusted IT partner to assist with our deployment in Equinix LD4 and have become an extended part of our IT Team in the UK.”


IT Director, FBS Markets Inc.

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What is IT consultancy services?

What is IT consultancy services? Our IT consulting services include expertise in Microsoft applications, cloud or colo infrastructure., security and project delivery.  Find out more ..

How much does IT Consultancy cost?

This really depends on the project and its complexities. A small project may cost a few thousand pound compared to a large global project which could be hundreds of thousands maybe more.

How to chose the right IT Consultancy?

Selecting the ideal IT consultancy requires a thorough examination of various factors. Begin by assessing their proficiency, industry know-how, past achievements, and feedback from previous clients. Ensure that their skill set matches the specific requirements of your project. Additionally, take into account their communication approach, responsiveness, and their capacity to comprehend your business objectives. Verify if they hold relevant certifications and maintain partnerships with technology providers. It's also prudent to request comprehensive proposals that outline timelines and cost estimates. Engage in interviews to gauge their grasp of the challenges your organization faces.