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Consult, Source and Build – IT Software and Hardware Services

Industry-leading IT Software and Hardware Services

Understanding the specification you need when purchasing hardware and software is one of the main sources of confusion for many businesses. Not to mention the procurement process and the installation set-up when it arrives.

Vissensa takes care of this for you. We can understand your business needs and translate that into hardware specifications. We will procure it for you and then ensure that it is pre-built so all you need to do is turn it on and get started.

For growing organisations, this means you can concentrate on your new hires and not the business class laptops.

IT Software and hardware
Tech As A Service

Tech As A Service – Financial Flexibility for IT Software, Hardware and Services

The need for new hardware and software is high. With more remote working taking place giving your staff the equipment they need is costly. Tech As A Service can alleviate that financial pain.

Tech As A Service is a comprehensive and flexible way to bundle hardware, software and services into a subscription-style pricing model.

Best of all, you can scale up or down throughout the course of the subscription term – allowing you to adjust to changing business conditions which are all to familiar recently.

How Vissensa Can Help With Your IT Software and Hardware Needs

Devices – Business Laptops and PCs

Our IT hardware services enable us to find the right business class laptops or PCs for your business needs. That’s why we ask, what do you need to do with your device? Instead of answering questions like what’s the best laptop for business use? or what is your small business laptop recommendations?

We can then source and pre-build the perfect business class laptop or PC for your needs with the right specifications. Saving you time, money and getting it right the first time. We can also use our Tech As A Service finance offering to spread the costs for you.

business class laptops
IT software fundamentals

Business Software and Licensing

Vissensa’s business software services include being able to purchase licensing for many of the leading IT software fundamentals. Including Microsoft products, anti virus, storage and cyber security applications.

Our experts will also offer business software installation for you, so you can concentrate on the software benefits for the business.

IT Infrastructure Hardware

Vissensa can also help you with your hardware infrastructure management. You can purchase IT infrastructure hardware such as servers, switches, firewalls, modems, routers and more from the leading infrastructure hardware brands.

To save you further time and effort we offer IT hardware infrastructure as a service. Our experts can advise on the right specific IT infrastructure hardware. To add to this we will offer hardware infrastructure management, supporting and installing the solution for you so you can focus on your business and not your infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure Hardware
VoIP Telephony Hardware

VoIP Telephony Hardware & PBX Phone lines

Vissensa can support your VoIP Telephony Hardware and software needs. We can provide multiple options of VoIP Telephony hardware products for you as well as the PBX lines to work with your Microsoft Teams application.

Our experts will take into consideration your telephony hardware requirements, source the hardware and be able to suggest packages to support your concurrent calling needs. You can find out more about our Team telephony options here.

Speak to one of our IT software and hardware experts to find what you need

Before we get started, we’ll need to know the type of IT hardware and software you’re after. If you don’t know what you need – don’t worry! Our team of experts will ask you a series of questions about your business and the tasks you need to undertake, and they will advise you from that point onwards. They will even source and purchase the equipment for you, if you need them to.

To get started, simply complete this short form and a member of the team will be in touch soon.

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