Microsoft’s Latest SharePoint Innovations and Features That You Should Know About

As SharePoint continues its journey to be the most flexible content platform available, it was inevitable that it would make the move to incorporate AI. Since it added this extra string into its bow in May, there has been plenty of SharePoint innovations taking place. Now these updates have had a chance to bed in, let’s look at them and make sure users are aware and making the most of all SharePoint has to offer.

Based on previous feedback, Microsoft were keen to enable simpler authoring. Labelled “the biggest step we’ve ever taken in the 22-year history of the product,” SharePoint is reimagining how sites and content are created.

Copilot in SharePoint

Copilot has come to SharePoint, combining the power of Large Language Models, your data in the Microsoft Graph, and their best practices for creating content, to turn your words into sites and page. From your description of a page you would like, Copilot and SharePoint can create one for you to edit and refine, reducing the time it takes for you to set one up.

With a brief prompt, SharePoint creates a starter site for you, bringing in information from your business as needed, and aligns it, automatically, to your brand. Copilot works with you, conversationally, to address any further issues you may have and configure the site.

Additionally, it will take any of your existing content and create a page from that, one that leverages its web design visuals, as well as rewriting key passages if needed.

New SharePoint Start Experience

The latest SharePoint start experience provides templates and inspiration for what to create within the platform. It is easy to get started and begin creating instantly and, with these personal pages being managed directly from the new start experience, there is an increased ease of use and ability to return to them at will.

New Co-authoring Capabilities

SharePoint introduced new co-authoring capabilities making it easier to collaborate and edit pages in real time. This is powered by Fluid framework, the same technology behind Microsoft Loop collaboration.

Along with this, Microsoft has simplified page sharing, so now it is just the same as sharing a document. A comment section has also been added to pages so content can be review and approved with feedback.

Compelling Content

For compelling content, SharePoint is expanding its aesthetic capabilities too.

Our investments are focused on the entire spectrum of great web design: branding & theming, typography & fonts, grid & layout, video & imagery, and animations & motion.

This will be accompanied by the Brand Center, allowing you to specify fonts, colours, logos, and other design elements that reflect the identity of your organisation, products, subsidiaries, and more.

These are just some of the creative avenues available through SharePoint. To find out more, look here.

SharePoint in Teams

One feature we would like to highlight is SharePoint in Teams. When you connect your Teams and SharePoint page, your content will be available within the Teams hub, allowing you to collaborate easier with your team. With editing enabled within Teams, this process is easier than ever. Microsoft have also ensured that Connected Templates can include SharePoint pages as channel tabs.

By connecting SharePoint pages to Teams, you can ensure content is getting the best reach across all users within your business.

We are excited by what this means, not only for the platform and current users, but also the services that we will be able to offer and utilise here at Vissensa. By embracing AI, Microsoft have shown themselves to be at the forefront of new technology once again, and we aim to help make sure you are right there with them. The continued development of Teams capabilities is also exciting, and we are keen to help you unlock its potential. Microsoft’s SharePoint innovations will only continue, and as it develops, so too does the support we offer, which you can check out below.