Network Connectivity

Understand the need for Network Connectivity and the potential Networking and Connectivity Services that are available to your business.

What is Network Connectivity?

Network Connectivity describes the various methods that technology, including Information Technology, uses to transmit and receive information and signals between two or more points. In the modern IT setting, network connectivity is the heartbeat of a business's ability to operate on a local, national, or international scale. It consists of hundreds of connections internally and externally linking all the activities of the organisation.

In its simplest form, network connections are physical wire or fibre cables connected by switches and routers that have been configured to accept data and information from each other. However, information can also be sent and received by microwave and radio waves, and thus cables are not required. Regardless of the method used to connect, Network Connectivity solutions all adopt the same core principles of operation.
Connectivity to the public cloud network has revolutionised how businesses view the ability to extend their reach into new territories and new markets. The network connectivity a business has in place plays a vital part in the ability to communicate with the new markets.

Speed of transmission, the resilience of the connections and security of the data being transferred are all an integral part of any network design and build. This requires the right equipment to be deployed, with the opportunity to scale when required.
Working with a Network Connectivity expert like Vissensa enables you to tap into a vast amount of network design, configuration and build knowledge, delivered by our specialist network engineering team. We have successfully implemented a range of network infrastructure for large corporates to local SME’s. Our Network carrier and industry knowledge ensure that working with Vissensa, you are guaranteed the benefits of unparalleled uptime, high availability networks with support, knowledge and the vendor relationships that modern organisations must have to be successful.

Network Connectivity
Network Connectivity

Networking and Connectivity Services

Vissensa has been provisioning advanced connectivity solutions since its inception and has built a set of solid vendor relationships that can deliver the exact network connectivity solution for your business.

Connectivity is a key parameter in the agility of any technology solution. At Vissensa, we continue to develop our expertise to offer the widest range of networking options, mapped directly to the needs of the business. We do this whilst also taking into consideration any limitations of the environment, through the deployment of microwave, satellite and traditional in the ground connectivity solutions.

Our leading networking and connectivity services provide expert consultancy, implementation and support. These services use our knowledge to be able to match the requirement to the available options quickly, design short term and interim network solutions and manage the entire process so that your business can concentrate on what it does best.

Vissensa’s networking and connectivity services include the ability to provision all types of networking and network security equipment, as well as provisioning solutions such as Business Leased Lines, Cloud Connection, Dark Fibre Access, Ethernet and IP Transit.

Network Connectivity Options Via Vissensa

Business Leased Line

Get guaranteed speed and dedicated connectivity via our Business Leased Line options that go straight to your building. Choose fixed bandwidth speeds, ranging anywhere from Business Broadband or Fibre to 10Gbps.

Not only can you be sure of the speed you are receiving, but you can also upload just as quickly as you download. This will greatly improve productivity for staff as new ways of working continue to adapt.

With your own dedicated Business Leased Line you will no longer have to compromise on speed even during peak busy periods and contention from other companies in the area. Giving your business the power to support your customers and staff.

With a Business Leased Line, you are investing in reliability as well as guaranteed speed. We can provide up to a 99.99% service availability which is supported 24/7. Without a single point of failure by design, we can set you up with maximum availability backed by end-to-end SLA’s.

Security is also imperative and free DDoS protection is available on certain Business Leased Line services. As imperative as connectivity to the internet is, it also creates the biggest threat to your business. Intelligence is required more than ever, so you can feel reassured that your Business Leased Line is protected from malicious distributed denial of service attacks.

If connectivity is something you just want to work and not worry about then let Vissensa take care of it via our Business leased line managed service.

Cloud Connectivity

Cloud Connectivity

The cloud connectivity landscape is continually evolving and the options to connect today are evolving to keep pace with the growing connectivity requirements of today’s hybrid business.

With more end-user services being run from public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, the choice of how businesses connect has never been more important.

The decision of how to connect isn’t simply a bandwidth question for CTO’s and network specialists. This decision is also a resilience, reliability and security question that addresses the adoption of an increasingly strategically important piece of the technology stack of any digitally connected business.

Whether your business is looking for dedicated cloud connectivity, connecting public, private cloud instances, virtualised networks or a private network, Vissensa can enable high performance, resilient and secure connections far superior to using shared internet transits. We offer a range of carriers and options from 10Mbps to 10Gbps and, symmetrical upload and download speeds – combined with redundant failover options. Because of this, your business can be assured that our networking experience and delivery expertise will keep your connections up and available to agreed service levels.

Dark Fibre Access

Planning for how a business will consume network connectivity as it grows has always been a taxing question, with many organisations having to rethink some or all of their network topology as either the services are not available or the requirement of the business changes demonstrably.

To mitigate the risk of not being able to cater for the next business evolution, companies are looking toward the provision of Dark Fibre network access as one of the technical solutions for future network connectivity requirements.

Dark Fibre access provides reliable and secure infrastructure, so your business has maximum levels of flexibility and control to support almost unlimited bandwidth increases as and when the business demands network growth. This is achieved by lighting part or all of the dark fibre provision as necessary.

Our Dark Fibre access solutions can give you the choice of network route diversity that your business is looking for and our team can work with you to design geographically routed connections,  augmenting already established primary or secondary paths.

Currently, Vissensa can offer connections to around 850 data centres in Europe and Asia and more than 27,500 buildings mean we have the scope and expertise to maximise your Dark Fibre access.

Your Dark Fibre access network will be physically dedicated to your business and will not be shared at any point. This provides you with ultimate peace of mind and can help demonstrate regulatory compliance – with Vissensa your network is 100% private.

Dark Fibre Access
Ethernet Solutions

Ethernet Solutions

Ethernet solutions are dedicated network connectivity used by businesses to connect to the internet or establish private point to point connections to multiple sites. This is done by using services such as Ethernet over FTTC, Ethernet First Mile and Ethernet Point to Point.

Ethernet Solutions such as Ethernet in the First Mile or Ethernet over Fibre to the cabinet are generally immediately available and geared for up to 20 users. They max out at asymmetrical 35Mbps upload and download speed.

Ethernet Point to Point services will usually require slightly more setup and are dependent on the network availably in your area. They do however come with network speeds up to 10Gbps. These fast connections are ideal for geographically separated offices and for connecting to centralised services such as those in a data centre.
Our team have a vast amount of network experience and are on hand to assess your needs and availability. We will use our knowledge to suggest the right Ethernet Solution for your business.

Vissensa’s managed network service combine to provide the highest levels of connectivity and resilience with the vigilance of experienced network professionals, monitoring and managing your network's security and performance.

IP Transit

Vissensa IP Transit services enable you to reach thousands of other networks worldwide through BGP gateways and routing. With IP Transit solutions you can deliver your most popular applications or content to your end-users quickly in the knowledge that they are being consistently delivered with services such as geographically redundant routing and low latency options.

Our access to a range of Tier 1 optical IP networks is one of the largest of its kind, connecting to more than 7500 networks spread throughout the world.
IP Transit interface options range from 100Mbps to 100Gbps and can be tailored to fit your bespoke needs. Features include 100% network availability and 24x7x365 customer support.

IP Transit

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What is Dark Fibre Access?

Dark Fibre access provides a reliable and secure infrastructure with unlimited bandwidth increases as and when you need.

What are Ethernet solutions?

Vissensa can offer numerous Ethernet solutions which are ideal for businesses who rely on their data connection and want high speeds. We can offer Ethernet over FTTC, Ethernet First Mile and Ethernet Point to Point.
Ethernet Solutions such as Ethernet in the First Mile or Ethernet over fibre to the cabinet tend to work for up to 20 users and max out at a symmetrical 35Mbps upload and download speed. Our team will assess your needs and availability and suggest the right Ethernet Solution.

What is IP Transit?

Vissensa’s IP Transit services enable you to deliver the internet to your customers. Ensure your network connectivity can reach thousands of other networks worldwide. With IP Transit solutions you can deliver your most popular applications or content to your end-users quickly and with low latency.

What are Business Leased Lines?

With a Business Leased Line, you are investing in reliability as well as guaranteed speed. We can provide up to a 99.99% service availability which is supported 24/7. Without a single point of failure by design, we can set you up with maximum availability backed by end-to-end SLA’s.