What are the top 10 questions to ask a potential MSP?

It’s a good question, and one we were intrigued to see the potential answers to, so we did what many people would do – we posed this question to ChatGPT to see what it would come up with.

So, let’s see what it thought the best questions to ask a new MSP are and why they may be handy things to ask when it comes to you making your MSP decision.

We simply asked:

Not only did we get the 10 reasons, but it also opened with a brief explanation that outlines, in its broadest sense, the purpose of this question.

“When evaluating potential Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for your organization, it’s crucial to ask the right questions to ensure they can meet your specific needs and expectations. Here are the top 10 questions to ask a potential MSP:”

“…your specific needs and expectations” is at the forefront of all these questions as ascertaining how you will get the most from your business with the help of your chosen MSP will be important moving forward.

Question 1

What services do you offer?

– Ensure the MSP provides the specific IT services and support that your organization needs.

Understanding the services an MSP offers means you can determine if they can fulfil the IT needs of your business. This ensures that you receive comprehensive support, whether it’s network management, cybersecurity, cloud services, or helpdesk support. This can save you time and effort when having to deal with any issues that may arise.

Question 2

What industries have you worked with?

– Inquire about their experience working with organizations in your industry to assess their familiarity with your unique requirements.

An MSP with industry-specific experience will understand the nuances, compliance requirements, and best practices of the space you operate in. This expertise can lead to more effective solutions and a quicker understanding of the challenges and opportunities unique to your organisation.

Question 3

Can you provide references or case studies?

– Request references from current or past clients or ask for case studies that demonstrate their track record and success stories.

References and case studies can offer insight into the MSP’s track record and their customer experiences. You can get assurance that they have successfully delivered on promises and resolved issues for clients like your organisation.

Question 4

What certifications and qualifications do your technicians and staff have?

– Verify that their technical team is well-trained and holds relevant certifications in the technologies they support.

Certified and qualified technicians are more likely to possess the expertise needed to manage your IT infrastructure effectively. This can result in fewer technical issues, faster problem resolution, and greater overall IT system reliability.

Question 5

What is your service level agreement (SLA)?

– Understand the terms, response times, and guarantees provided by their SLA for issue resolution and support.

An SLA outlines the MSP’s commitment to service quality, including response times and performance guarantees. It sets clear expectations, ensuring that you receive timely support, and that the MSP is held accountable for meeting agreed-upon service levels.

Question 6

How do you handle security and compliance?

– Inquire about their approach to cybersecurity, data protection, and compliance with industry regulations relevant to your organization.

Inquiring about their security and compliance practices helps protect your company’s data and reputation. An MSP that is experienced and understands security measures and compliance requirements ensures that your IT environment will meet regulatory standards, reducing the risk of breaches and fines.

Question 7

What is your pricing structure?

– Gain clarity on their pricing model, including any additional fees or potential hidden costs.

Understanding the pricing model prevents unexpected costs and aids budgeting. It allows you to budget more accurately, control expenses, and assess the cost-effectiveness of the MSP’s services against your IT needs.

Question 8

Do you offer scalability options?

– Ensure that the MSP can accommodate your organization’s growth and evolving IT needs.

Scalability options ensure that the MSP can adapt to your organisation’s changing needs. This flexibility allows your business to grow without disruptions, and it ensures that you’re only paying for the services you require.

Question 9

What is your average response time for support requests?

– Determine their typical response time for resolving support issues to assess their ability to address urgent matters promptly.

A quick response time is critical for minimising downtime and productivity losses during IT issues. An MSP with a rapid response rate can help resolve problems faster, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Question 10

How do you measure and report on service performance?

– Learn about their methods for monitoring and reporting on the quality and effectiveness of their services, as well as their commitment to continuous improvement.

Regular monitoring and reporting provide transparency and accountability. You’ll have insights into how well the MSP is meeting your IT needs and can identify areas for improvement, helping you make informed decisions to enhance IT efficiency and effectiveness.

ChatGPT concluded the list by stating that these questions are a good foundation, but in isolation, may not provide all the information that you require to make your decision. This is a key point to remember:

These questions provide a solid foundation for assessing whether a potential MSP aligns with your organization’s goals and requirements. You can expand upon these questions with additional ones that address specific concerns or technology preferences relevant to your business.

By asking these detailed questions, you gain a thorough understanding of the MSP’s capabilities, experience, and approach to service delivery. This knowledge enables you to make an informed decision, select an MSP that aligns with your goals, and establish a productive and long-lasting partnership.

So, that’s what ChatGPT thought are the top questions to ask a new MSP, so feel free to ask us and discover what services we offer here at Vissensa!