Managed Private Cloud Hosting via Vissensa Cloud

Managed Private Cloud Hosting on an entirely owned, hybrid cloud model operated and supported by private cloud providers in the UK, Vissensa. Utilising some of the most elite technical experts in Cloud computing.

Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services Provider

An Introduction to Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services via Vissensa Cloud

Large scale, public hosting services can be frustrating as they try to be everything to everyone, with very few bespoke options that meet the unique needs of your organisation. With no crucial technical support or expertise on hand when you need it, a potential managed hosting service becomes intimidating and put off until a later date.

With a variety of Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services, using Vissensa Cloud, we can provide the ability to consume a vast range of services aligned specifically to the particular application or workload you want to host. We do this by providing an off-premise private cloud environment that we wholly own.

As private cloud providers in the UK, our cloud managed services enable us to design your Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services from scratch. Creating a bespoke solution that suits your budget and uptime expectations. By analysing your project from the start and understanding your business, we can make sure you get the right solution for your organisation from the very beginning.

Our continued investment into Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services via Vissensa Cloud ensures the highest performance and uptime SLA’s across our exclusively UK-based data centres with 100% network uptime guaranteed. Created using industry leading vendors and technology, Vissensa is pushing already established boundaries to enable our clients to step into the future of cloud however they need to.

With a managed private cloud hosting solution from Vissensa, we guarantee dedicated support engineers will be available to assist you with any kind of query or issue and to ensure your online environment is running at its very best, whatever time of day or night.

Managed Private Cloud Hosting
Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services

Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services Features and Benefits

Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services via Vissensa Cloud has all the benefits you would expect when moving to the cloud.
Cost savings are always at the forefront saving money on CAPEX investments like hardware. Utilising our hardware and technology means you don’t need to buy your own and can feel safe in the knowledge that your solution will be future proofed with the latest technology utilising an OPEX monthly pricing model.
Flexibility is always synonymous with cloud and Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services is no different. Not only can you expand your needs easily but you also have unlimited data transfers with no additional inbound or outbound charges.
Top tier security and reliability from industry leading firewalls and Tier 3 data centres to 99.999% uptime guarantee your hosting is safe with us. Geographically separated disaster recovery and backup plus High Availability also enables added layers of protection.
Expert Support on hand, whenever you need it from our cloud, managed services team offering 24/7 UK based support.
Green Credentials are a benefit often overlooked when utilising Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services. Our utilised data centres run on green energy and if you are moving from on-premise solutions you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint.
Bespoke solutions. You can choose between shared or dedicated infrastructure hosting services utilising a range of operating systems and platforms including our own, Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services

Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services via Vissensa Cloud

Virtual Remote Desktop Hosting

Using the flexibility of cloud technology, many aspects of an organisation’s IT requirements can be virtualised and shared across the business. This makes collaboration easier to implement, using Virtual Remote Desktop hosting and Windows 365 to do so. These software products are designed to work on desktops or laptops already in use, simplifying the user experience by connecting to applications hosted by a Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services provider like Vissensa.

Virtual Remote Desktop hosting is different to the Microsoft 365 cloud services in its delivery and can be highly beneficial when an organisation requires a common set of applications to be configured and maintained centrally. This in turn enables a consistent user experience for these applications. By being tied to the login credentials of a user and not the device being used, Virtual Remote Desktops deliver the applications selected by the administrators to users requirements.

From the system management perspective, defined configurations of Virtual Remote Desktops can vastly improve the rollout speed of new software and business apps. This improves productivity of the users who need to train and understand new presentations of a desktop service.

Combined with Windows 365, the apps used by the business become available on any compatible desktop, laptop or mobile device as the work is stored in the Vissensa cloud, not on the desktop, instantly providing a collaborative approach to the workforce. Documents and files can be accessed from the point that they were left off. This in tun, allows businesses to adapt to secure new ways of working and maintains a user experience for a more mobile workforce.

With our Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services experience, we can seamlessly operate and maintain your virtual remote desktop deployment. Vissensa cloud and our team is the ideal partner and platform to plan, purchase, install and configure your environment.

Cloud Database Hosting Services

Taking advantage of a cloud database hosting service can assist with the complexities and costs of ever increasing demands for data. Cloud Database hosting is an option that is both simple and flexible This can include expensive licencing and support costs, redundant hardware provision and experienced database specialists.

A consumption-based model, using Vissensa’s cloud database hosting service provides access to a flexible database configuration with an ability to scale up or down the size and performance of the databases based on the requirement of the application. Scaling up database servers, at the point of peak service demand, can mitigate a slowdown or failure of a web service relying on the data being delivered by the connected databases. Our customers and their staff are now able to receive the best user experience available.

Utilising Vissensa’s database backup and recovery service as part of a cloud database hosting service will also ensure that a geographically separated copy of the databases under management are backed up and available should the primary database become unavailable.

Cloud Based Storage Services

The explosion of Cloud based storage services being used by large and small organisations alike is fuelled by the ability of Cloud based storage service architecture to adapt quickly to any requirement.
Couple this with an expert team and competitively priced Cloud based storage services and the route to a scalable and secure method to store business-critical information, is simple – Vissensa Cloud.
Cloud based storage services via Vissensa Cloud offer a range of storage options designed to accommodate many types of files or objects. This includes: File storage, objects, containers, data sync processes and large volume data input and export.
Storing data in a cloud storage service has been widely adopted because of its simplicity and accessibility. However, the cost of moving data out from cloud storage services often comes with unwelcome costs.

Who wants to pay to access their own data? With Vissensa’s Cloud based storage service model you don’t pay to extract data from the data store, and only pay for the storage space used! We also take care of the underlying service infrastructure and give you the choice of where you want data backups to be stored.

Managing and maintaining Cloud based storage services requires expertise and oversight, in order to avoid endlessly consuming more and more space without understanding what data is being stored. It’s imperative to know what Cloud based storage architecture you are creating. With governance, compliance, data privacy and retentions rules, having a consulting expert eye on how data and storage are being consumed will save you time, money and ensure the flexibility to use the data how you want. Our team manages and operates hundreds of terabytes of data storage, on a daily basis in our Vissensa cloud, so we are an ideal partner to help plan your storage requirements and infrastructure.

Cloud Web Application Firewall

Securing application hosting and infrastructure continues to be an ever more demanding aspect of cloud service hosting. However, any firewall deployment must balance the correct security posture with a model that the business can operate, including the flexibility it requires. Cloud Web Application Firewall options from Vissensa provide security and support to organisations in order to protect their data and applications deployed exclusively on the cloud or in a mixed hybrid configuration where physical firewalls and cloud application firewalls may need to coexist.

Cloud Web Application Firewalls are stateful Firewalls that allows cloud applications to interact and scale with other services without the need for physical firewall deployments. This makes it vital if the services that are being connected are also cloud deployments. The stateful capability of the Cloud Web application firewall means that the firewall will process and store intelligence about safe connections that your applications make while analysing the inbound and outbound traffic using the rules and policies you have configured to protect your business data.

Although easy to purchase, the correct setup and configuration via expert consultants is vital to the security of your business and its data. The mixed deployment of physical and virtual firewalls adds increased complexity and requires a vast amount of knowledge for deployment, which is why Vissensa operates a cloud web application firewall managed service option with our Physical and Virtual firewall deployments. Our team have relationships with numerous security vendors and can help identify and install the right solution for your needs.

Cloud Hosting Backup and Disaster Recovery

The ability to recover systems and data successfully when an organisations services become unavailable is usually a hindsight moment for businesses who don’t have a cloud hosting backup and disaster recovery strategy. Immediate financial loss, reduced customer confidence, reputational damage and lost data intelligence are just a few of the consequences.
Maintaining the infrastructure on which to build a cohesive cloud hosting backup and recovery plan has always been a big financial commitment. However, the introduction of Vissensa Cloud hosting backup and disaster recovery services remove the barriers of cost and complexity in developing a strategy to support any size of business. It has removed the need to spend Capex on equipment that is only used in the event of a failure.

Cloud Hosting backup and disaster recovery services are a fast and cost effective way of ensuring that business continuity can be maintained for the critical services that keep a business running. With the added advantage that it can be scaled up or down quickly to respond to market conditions.

Vissensa’s Business continuity options include Cloud hosting backup and disaster recovery services as well as other leading recovery tools. These options secure organisations data and systems every day. Talk to our team who can help identify the right software and configuration for your needs, from file recovery to a database backup strategy and much more.

Connect to the Cloud

Connectivity is the lifeblood of any IT service and in today’s interconnected world, the need to control these connections has become ever more time-consuming. It’s one reason that Vissensa operates a set of services focused on network connectivity and management for large or small organisations.

Within these services are multiple ways to connect to the cloud, covering simplicity, security and performance. All of these options provide a flexible cost-effective way of building a network topology that suites the business requirement.

Our team is well versed in developing private connection services. These connect a comprehensive service catalogue of 3rd party applications residing in the cloud directly to an organisation’s own infrastructure and services.
We can also offer Virtual WAN services, that can remove the complexity and security issues of a traditional hub and spoke network, providing separation between SecOps, InfraOps and DevOps.

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What is Enterprise Managed Hosting?

Enterprise Managed Hosting is an IT provisioning model, where in this case, Vissensa can provide best in class leased dedicated servers and hardware to a single customer and our expert team will manage these systems on the customer's behalf.

Our Enterprise Managed Hosting customers can rent equipment such as dedicated servers, storage and network hardware; operating systems; and system software. The leased equipment serves only that single customer -- or "tenant" or otherwise called a single-tenancy architecture. The customer can have administrative access to the leased systems yet we tend to manage this for our customers to save time and allow them to focus on other projects. Find out more ..

What are the benefits and features of Enterprise Managed Hosting?

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