Equinix Dedicated Servers

Bare Metal at your fingertips

Equinix Dedicated Servers On Demand

Alongside the ever-growing rush to the cloud, Equinix dedicated servers continue to be at the forefront of the data centre market, providing the ability to deploy strategically important workloads using dedicated resources and hardware without the upfront cost. These dedicated resources could be used to deploy trading servers for Forex VPS, Global deployments, low latency latency connectivity to third parties or the ability to tap into local market providers in order to scale and expand your services around the world.

By accessing some of the world’s most sought-after data centre locations, our customers have the ability to provision dedicated servers across the globe. These customers benefit from unapparelled access to financial markets in key locations such as London and New York, and to Media companies looking to provide resilient edge computing services to local customers.

Vissensa’s services combine the flexibility of globally available dedicated server configurations with our comprehensive design, build and deployment services.

Vissensa Local knowledge = Global reach

Equinix Dedicated Servers
Equinix Dedicated Servers
Equinix Dedicated Servers

Quick Provision

Pre-deployed servers provide customers with quick access to key markets when needed.

Equinix Dedicated Servers

Global Availability

Equinix dedicated servers are available across a growing list of global data centres via Vissensa.

Equinix Dedicated Servers

Infrastructure Support

Server assistance pre and post deployment, ensuring your environment is up and running quickly.

Equinix Dedicated Servers

Interconnection is key

Expand into new markets and connect with partners seamlessly via Equinix Fabric.

Built With Your Business Agility in Mind

Vissensa offer a range of dedicated server specifications setup with global connectivity options that enable fast deployments of services across a range of global data centre locations.

We recognise that flexibility is key, so you can choose from our four options of server size and specifications that have been designed to cater for the most popular configurations. These are provisioned with your choice of Operating Systems and Hypervisors to suit your business requirement.

By utilising one of the world’s largest data centre providers, Equinix, Vissensa can quickly provision Equinix dedicated servers for our customers in new regions simply by leveraging our access to a global ecosystem.

Working with a wide range of sectors including financial institutions, FX trading companies, media, transport and public sector organisations, Vissensa is bringing commercial and operational flexibility to the market.

We are really proud to be considered the partner of choice, servicing forward thinking companies that are looking to reduce latency, develop or enhance edge computing in their local markets, or connect to third party providers by integrating with the Equinix ecosystem.

Equinix Dedicated Servers

Equinix Fabric – Interconnection Ready

Vissensa offers dedicated servers around the world, allowing our customers to benefit from integration with the Equinix Fabric, and direct connectivity from bare metal to major cloud providers or third-party providers.

We are providing our customers with one of the world’s largest ecosystems that includes network and content providers, and some of the world’s largest public cloud providers This access is what powers many of the major corporations’ worldwide operations.

Accessible to start ups, scale ups, or businesses accessing new markets, Equinix Fabric simplifies how you interconnect with third parties – quickly and easily providing improved performance and helping to reduce security threats.

Global Scalability

Our partnership with Equinix spans over a decade. This means our customers have access to colocation, dedicated servers, racks and cages across a wide range of managed services, in multiple industry sectors.

Working with Equinix, our customers can provision services across a global interconnected network of data centres with readily available servers.

There are currently over 20+ data centre locations immediately available and planned for deployment, and so the ability to provision dedicated servers across the world has never been easier.


Equinix Dedicated Servers

  • Utilising the extensive Equinix global data centres reach, we help our customers enter new markets and regions with ease.

Flexibility of Choice

  • Vissensa offers a growing range of different options for physical servers depending on the project required, providing various CPI, RAM and storage options.

Interconnection Ability

  • All of our dedicated servers have the ability to provision Equinix Fabric and Cross Connects, which interconnects our customers with third parties quickly and easily.

Expanding Data Centre Locations

  • As the locations of the Equinix sites continue to expand our customers are able to provision servers in multiple regions, taking advantage of interconnection between sites as well as accessing key markets.

Contracts to Suit Everyone

  • Gone are the days of lengthy server contracts! We like to keep things simple at Vissensa. We offer both shorter contracts, and longer contracts with better rates – something to suit everybody.

Data Centre Locations – Available and Planned Roadmap

On-Net Locations

  • Amsterdam AM6
  • Ashburn DC13
  • New York NY5
  • Chicago CH3
  • Dallas DA11
  • Silicon Valley SV15
  • Los Angeles LA4
  • Singapore SG1
  • Tokyo TY3

Deployment Roadmap

  • Hong Kong HK2
  • Seoul SL1
  • Sydney SY4
  • Madrid MD2
  • London LD4
  • Paris PA4
  • Frankfurt FR2
  • Sao Paulo SP3, SP4
  • Toronto TR2
  • Seattle

Pricing Packages

Dedicated Server

  • 8 Physical Cores @ 3.4Ghz
  • 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2x 480Gb SSD Storage
  • Choice of OS

Monthly Cost

Dedicated Server

  • 24 Physical Cores @ 2.8Ghz
  • 64GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2x 480Gb SSD
  • Choice of OS

Monthly Cost

Dedicated Server

  • 24 Physical Cores @ 2.2Ghz
  • 192GB DDR4 RAM
  • 96TB HDD & 1.9TB SSD
  • Choice of OS

Monthly Cost

Dedicated Server

  • 32 Physical Cores @ 2.5Ghz
  • 256GB DDR4 RAM
  • 7.6TB NVMe Flash & 2x 120Gb SSD
  • Choice of OS

Monthly Cost

Servers do not incur charges for inbound traffic or transfer of data between servers in the same data centre. Default egress charges apply for all other traffic at a cost £0.05 per Gb.

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