Microsoft Power Automate Consulting

Microsoft Power Automate Consulting
Vissensa IT Services – Certified Microsoft Partner

Save time, automate processes and power your business with Microsoft Power Automate Consulting

Microsoft Power Automate is an automation tool that is a key component of the Microsoft Business Application Power platform. Using the solution hand in hand with Microsoft Power Automate Consulting will enable you to automate repetitive tasks and processes that use up the time of your most important commodity, your staff!

The solution can integrate with third-party tools such as Salesforce, Dropbox, HR tools, Slack and many more. Plus the Microsoft suite of products like Teams, Sharepoint, Outlook, Business Apps and Azure to name but a few.

Microsoft Power Automate Consulting
Microsoft Power Automate Consulting

Vissensa Microsoft Power Automate Consultant

Our Microsoft Power Automate Consulting services will help you to plan, implement and maintain automation workflows that will eradicate the need for time-consuming manual processes that take up your staff’s important time.

You will be assigned a Power Automate Consultant who will be your point of contact and become one of your team. After an initial consulting period to understand your needs and what you want to achieve, the power automate consultant will look to build your workflows and test them. Once working, we can leave it there or you can have ongoing support and management services provided by us in a range of models which work for you.

What are the Advantages of Microsoft Power Automate Consulting?

Smooth Data Integration Using Microsoft Power Automate Consulting

Power Automate is designed to seamlessly transfer data from legacy applications into Office 365 applications. This enables you to create automated workflows between multiple applications rather than a member of staff having to manually input data.

Automating menial tasks that typically require manual input ultimately improves efficiency, productivity and employee satisfaction. Automated processes also eliminate the risk of human error.

To give you an example, you can use Microsoft Power Automate Consulting via Vissensa to send survey data to the marketing team or refer new leads to sales representatives from Microsoft Dynamics 365. It also works great for HR processes and employee onboarding, plus automating document signing processes.

Microsoft Power Automate Consulting
Microsoft Power Automate Email Efficiency

Improve Email Inbox Efficiency

The amount of emails business users receive on a daily basis can be overwhelming and distracting. Especially sales pitches and newsletter emails that cloud the focus of your inbox. Microsoft Power Automate Consulting can utilise the tool to decipher the contents of emails and file them in the relevant folder that an individual has set up.

Some perfect examples of this would be for salespeople to organise inbound and outbound emails in organisation folders or accounts for incoming invoices. Or for shared mailboxes like info@ or sales@ team members from various departments can organise and separate relevant content.

Ready To Use Templates

One of the most compelling features of the Microsoft Power Automate workflow management tool is that comes with a multitude of out-of-the-box templates that can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Microsoft supplies over 100 templates and add more all the time including;

  • Send an email to the manager of a project when a response is submitted to Microsoft Forms
  • Notify and Email when a new file is uploaded to OneDrive
  • Run sentiment analysis on tweets and push results to a Power BI dataset
  • Create a task in Planner from Microsoft Forms and post a message in Teams
  • Send an email when a new item is created in SharePoint

If you are not confident then Vissensa can always supply a Microsoft Power Automate Consultant to speed things up and ensure it’s right the first time.

Microsoft Power Automate
Microsoft Power Automate Consulting

Project Management and Alerts Using Microsoft Power Automate Consulting

Notifications give project managers information in real-time so you can track the progress of tasks without having to send emails and navigate to relevant folders yourself.

As an example, when a file is added or updated and submitted to SharePoint, you can set an email notification to tell you rather than continually having to check in SharePoint.

This can help project managers and team members make faster and more timely decisions, especially in a task or project which features succession. For instance, if a critical document needs urgent approval, the process can be automated and the person responsible for approving the document is alerted immediately even whilst working on another application.

Some of these workflows can get complicated but Vissensa can supply Microsoft Power Automate Consulting services to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Microsoft Power Automate Consulting

Vissensa is proud to be a Microsoft Support Partner

As a trusted and certified Microsoft partner, Vissensa has helped a range of businesses take advantage of best-in-class Office apps with powerful cloud services whilst incorporating device management and advanced security to protect corporate data and transform the way businesses work. As a Microsoft partner, our customers benefit from a diverse technical team providing Microsoft Power Automate Consulsting and support, 30 day payment terms and also recommendations on new technologies to increase efficiency and collaboration.

What Our Customers Say About Us


  • “With cloud-based services provisioned from Vissensa, we no longer need to worry about underlying IT infrastructure, our software licensing, or our day-to-day user support. Vissensa provides a quick reaction to technology issues across the company and allows us to focus on the core business of selling and delivering energy products, and to respond better to customer’s needs.”

Talent Drive

  • “Finding a partner that you instantly recognise as a trusted advisor and that operates with likeminded values of responsiveness and transparency is not easy in a crowded IT Services market. When you find them, the difference is acutely apparent. I had one simple goal when choosing my IT partner - they needed to be easy to deal with and able to demonstrate quickly that I no longer had to worry about how to manage my IT systems. Vissensa knocked it out of the park”.

Christopher Jones Wealth Management

  • “All businesses rely on IT systems, but we needed a highly skilled and responsive partner to discuss and develop a digital transformation plan that supported the company in the now, but also coincided with our ambitions as to how to operate in the future. Vissensa transformed our approach to technology adoption with their breadth of expertise combined with a highly consultative, personal approach that is so close to our own company values”.

Viridis Marketing

  • "As a small and relatively new business, we simply don't have time to think about IT. Vissensa has managed our IT for a while now and have taken care of everything from resetting passwords to setting us up with Microsoft 365, meaning we can focus on growing our business. Even though we're a small business, they are always so quick to respond and make us feel like a really important customer."

Microsoft Power Automate Consulting Support Models

Fixed Price Per User Model

  • Fixed Price per User per Month
  • UK Based Helpdesk
  • Remote and Onsite IT Support Available
  • Highly Skilled Technical Team
  • Bolt-ons Available if Required

Monthly Cost

Priced Per User

Block Hours Support Model

  • Range of Block Hours Available
  • UK Based Helpdesk
  • Remote and On-site IT Support Available
  • Highly Skilled Technical Team
  • Bolt-ons Available if Required


Priced Per Hours

Infrastructure Management

  • Monitoring, Patching and Reporting
  • UK Based Helpdesk
  • Monthly Scheduling and Requests
  • Highly Skilled Technical Team
  • Bolt-ons Available if Required

Monthly Cost

Priced Per Devices

Configuration Summary Document

  • Review of Existing IT
  • Detailed Documentation With Recommendations
  • Health Check of Systems
  • Completed via Remote and On-Site Engineers
  • Highly Skilled Technical Team


Priced by Review

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