Prebuilt Server Rack Cabinet

A unique Prebuilt Server Rack Cabinet solution that is simple and quick to deploy across a range of environments.

Custom Prebuilt Server Rack Cabinet Solutions

IT Access in New Locations

Moving into new or temporary spaces can present issues:

  • a leased line or internet service can take time to set up
  • you may not have a dedicated comms room in your new space
  • it may not be worth investing in the infrastructure for the length of time you will occupy a space

From moving offices to events and pop-ups, there is enough to think about, without having to sort out all your IT needs at once.

But what if this was all taken care of in one quick-to-deploy rack?

Well, at Vissensa, we believe we are able to provide this solution – an entirely scalable rack, customisable to suit your needs, whether you are looking for assistance accommodating office moves or new office deployments, secure rack footprints in insecure locations or temporary location deployments.

Prebuilt Server Rack Cabinet
Prebuilt Server Rack Cabinet

Business and Time Efficient 

With an IT solution taken care of and quickly deployed, you can be free to move straight into a space, rather than paying to rent out somewhere that you can’t immediately use.

With the rack in place, your IT requirements will be supported, while you wait for more permanent solutions to be implemented, or until your time in the space has concluded.

This Prebuilt Server Rack Cabinet can optimise office moves and streamline the entire process by taking away the reliance on fast leased line or internet deployment.

We can source hardware and software for your Prebuilt Service Rack Cabinet that is bespoke to your needs!

How Vissensa Can Help With Your Prebuilt Server Rack Cabinet Deployment Needs

Quick Prebuilt Server Rack Cabinet Deployment

With this rack you will be able to run infrastructure right from initial deployment by utilising the 4G/5G connectivity our product offers, all the while allowing your business to operate quickly through this streamlined process.

We deploy dual equipment backed by a rackmount Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) to ensure redundancy while single pieces of equipment allow for swift IT deployment in temporary setups.

It is also on wheels to ensure it is mobile and can be moved easily to wherever it will be of most use to you.

Prebuilt Server Rack Cabinet
Prebuilt Server Rack Cabinet

Opportunity for a Fully Tailored Solution

The Prebuilt Server Rack Cabinet is completely customisable depending on your budget and business requirements with Switches, Firewalls, an Onsite Server, Wi-Fi/Access points, UPS Protection, Sundries, Cooling and 4G/5G Connectivity all available to be built in.


  • available with or without Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • can consist of either single or dual 24 port or 48 port switches


  • provided singly or as a High Availability pair
  • scalable rackmount firewall protection and security
  • can accommodate ethernet and leased line provisions from 4G up to 1Gbps of traffic through a leased line

An Onsite Server:

  • capable of being deployed with memory from 8Gb through to 10TB
  • alongside a 2.5” or 3.5” chassis catering for 4 hot plug drives (3.5”) or 8 hot plug drives (2.5”)
  • can cater for virtual machines or onsite services through a micro-server or rack mountable server

Wi-Fi/Access Points:

  • can be powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches to ensure connectivity is provided
  • scalability from 1x Wi-Fi/Access Point upwards with Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6

UPS Protection:

  • ensured with the system backed up by a rackmount UPS
  • protects against power surges or outages

Sundries include:

  • Rack Cabling
  • Patch Panel
  • Brush Plates for cable management
  • PDU Strips


  • from dedicated rack mounted cooling fans 

4G/5G Connectivity:

  • provided to the infrastructure as a temporary measure

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What is a Prebuilt Server Rack Cabinet?

Our Prebuilt Server Rack Cabinet is a bespoke cabinet that you can have set up in your offices or server room. But maybe more importantly can be a mobile server room that you can move and set up quickly. Ideal for events temporary offices or warehouses. Find out more ..