Equinix Manchester Data Centre MA4

Expert, simple, efficient scaling within the Equinix Manchester data centre MA4 estate

The Vissensa & Equinix Partnership

Why did we choose Equinix to partner with over 10 years ago? So that we could offer simple, efficient scaling of our client’s digital ecosystems.

It’s as simple as that. Vissensa continues to develop and support every single customer’s digital transformation project with a consistently high service, from over 210 Data Centres, spread across 5 continents. All thanks to Equinix.

With a range of unique and flexible data centres and managed colocation services, the Equinix and Vissensa service proposition delivers a true gamechanger when it comes to speed, support and access to critical markets. Service flexibility is key to enabling successful integration to new markets. Vissensa’s experienced and responsive technical and operational team has developed a range of services that enable this smooth and quick integration. These services consist of dedicated server infrastructure, colocation, through to cloud connectivity and tailored bandwidth.

Equinix Manchester data centre
Equinix Manchester data centre

Equinix Manchester Data Centre MA4 – One of Europe’s fasting growing Data Centre hubs

As one of the largest media hubs in the UK via MediaCityUK, Equinix Manchester Data Centres help provide strategic colocation facilities for businesses. With Equinix MA4 and Equinix MA1 deployed on the Science Park Campus and connected through cross-connects – access to MediaCity has never been easier.

The Equinix Manchester data centres consist of five buildings totalling 80,000+ square feet (7,425+ square meters) of colocation space. It offers scalable technical space, leading operational resiliency and world-class security.

Access the hub of Media in the UK via Equinix Manchester Data Centre

With a large range of network carriers connected to Equinix Manchester, direct connectivity from London to Manchester, Manchester Data Centre campuses provide ideal connectivity across the UK, USA and Europe.

Equinix Manchester and Equinix Slough provide unparalleled connectivity to major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure via Equinix Fabric.

Vissensa has the ability to leverage private connectivity through cross-connects as well as direct connectivity to leading public cloud vendors such as Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Equinix Fabric provides a collection of fast, resilient connections that have increased security, flexibility, and operability with major cloud vendors and “as a service” providers. It is this interconnectivity that powers the digital economies of today.

Vissensa offers an enhanced connectivity service combined with specialist networking resources to ensure any planned connectivity project meets the business objectives – on time, with access to markets and within the budget.

Equinix Manchester data centre
Equinix Manchester data centre

Equinix ecosystem

Every deployment be it private, public or hybrid is underpinned by flexible and transparent technical and operational capability. This ensures installation, deployment, and ongoing operation is maintained to the optimum.

Vissensa has been providing a blend of infrastructure and operation services to a range of clients for over a decade and has built a strong reputation as a partner of choice within the Equinix ecosystem.

Our flexibility to “mix and match” services from the Equinix and Vissensa portfolios allows our clients to benefit from a variety of services that are directly mapped to the business and project requirements.

200+ data centres | 5 continents | Unparalleled connectivity

  • Vissensa proudly supports digital transformation projects
    Our management and support services can dovetail into you own operational teams to provide the resources you need to ensure your project is a success.
  • Connectivity with flexibility built in
    Equinix’s investment in national and global telecoms provisioning means that Vissensa can offer graded, flexible data transit solutions that fit directly with your business requirements. With our own circuits and IP’s, Vissensa has the ability to react to any connectivity requirement with packages from as little as 1Gb, to over 10Gb.
  • Move to the cloud at your pace
    Our enterprise class, UK based, virtual platforms allow clients to manage the move of their critical services safely and securely. Combined with an allocation of bandwidth and the ability to define a specific virtual platform size, Vissensa Virtual Hosting offers the greatest choice of platform configuration on the market.
Equinix Manchester data centre

Service Offerings


  • Cloud flexibility and scalability
  • Backup available to Equinix LD4
  • Monitoring & Management options

Server Deployment

  • Source, Configure and Deploy Servers to your specification
  • Ability to deploy full rack footprints with assistance from Equinix experts
  • Monitoring & management options


  • Full Rack Options Available
  • Hosting for critical infrastructure
  • Included Bandwidth up to 10Gbps
  • Remote Hands Available
  • On Premise and Colocation support
Network Services
All Vissensa services have the ability to leverage Equinix’s extensive ecosystem

Equinix Fabric

Equinix Fabric provides secure and direct connectivity to top Cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Google and AWS

Direct Connectivity

Take advantage of one of the richest cross connectivity gateways available in the market, providing the ability to directly connect to hundreds of service providers

Vissensa Bandwidth

Our data transit packages offer flexible, burstable bandwidths and the ability to provision transit dedicated entirely to you

Equinix Manchester data centre

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