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Streamline Collaboration, Integrate Secure File Sharing and Centrally Store Documents via Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful content management and collaboration platform which is available on-premise or in the Cloud with a Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Using the solution hand in hand with Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services will enable you to improve collaboration, securely share files and centrally store documents. This improves  processes and working environments that use up the time of your most important commodity, your staff!

The solution can integrate with third-party tools such as Salesforce, Dropbox, HR tools, Slack and many more. Plus the Microsoft suite of products like Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, Business Apps and Azure to name but a few.

Microsoft SharePoint Consultants
Microsoft SharePoint Consultants

Vissensa Microsoft SharePoint Consultant

Our SharePoint Consulting services will help you to plan, implement and maintain what should be the epicentre of your business information and the hub of your staff’s collaboration processes.

You will be assigned a SharePoint Consultant who will be your point of contact and become one of your team. After an initial consulting period to understand your needs and what you want to achieve, the SharePoint consultant will look to build the SharePoint Site, your folder structures and test it. If you need files and documents to migrate to SharePoint we can then look to transition them for you. Once configurated we can leave it there or you can have ongoing Microsoft SharePoint consultancy and support provided by Vissensa expert SharePoint consultants in a range of models which work for you.

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Providing SharePoint Consultancy Services for MyTime Young Carers

“One issue we found within MYTIME was that they had no central repository for files and documents. They had files across multiple machines and places in the business and this scattered information opened the door for potential problems.
Firstly, there was the issue of security – important and sensitive data was being saved onto individual devices where it was vulnerable to being seen, stolen, or deleted. With this came the second issue – that documents could be lost. Saving files to one machine risks losing it through power failures, damage to the machine itself, insufficient storage, amongst other things so is best avoided. The final problem was that it limited collaboration across the business. Documents on one machine are hard to share and doing so can put the data at risk too.

At Vissensa, we noticed this and so decided to implement SharePoint across MYTIME. We spoke to those involved in the business to get an overview of the structure and design required from SharePoint to fulfil the needs of the charity. This way we were able to migrate documents to where they needed to be. In doing this, we were also able to set access layers with us as the administrator, increasing the security of their operations. With Vissensa running this as a managed service, it has allowed us to set up a process that will keep operations in SharePoint clean and controlled.”

SharePoint Consultancy Services We Offer

Migrate To SharePoint

Whether you have a SharePoint Alternative or you utilise tools like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive our team can migrate to SharePoint seamlessly. We will help you understand the documents, files and data you have followed by advising and discussing how you wish to classify them. This is key to the migration process as we begin to plan the SharePoint site.

Your assigned SharePoint Migration Consultant will then look to move your documents, files and data to the created structure.

Microsoft SharePoint Migration
Microsoft SharePoint Folder Structure

SharePoint Folder Structure

One of the most important factors for any business to work smoothly is the SharePoint Folder Structure. Your SharePoint consultant will discuss with you how you business works and its functional needs, then advise you with SharePoint folder structure best practices to give you the optimum structure. This will include SharePoint permission levels so that staff can access the things they need and are restricted from folders and files they shouldn’t have access to.

As always your SharePoint Consultant will take you through our consultancy process of identify, plan, implement and maintain. If you require we can also manage your SharePoint Folder Structure for you offering ongoing support.

SharePoint Security

For every organisation, protecting your intellectual property is vital, whether that is for the success of the business and how it runs or for compliance reasons around personal or sensitive data. These reasons are huge factors in why moving your documents and files to SharePoint is a good idea. SharePoint Security is at the forefront of all our SharePoint Consultancy services and your consultant will always build this into your needs.

SharePoint security enables you to share files/documents safely and collaboratively eliminating multiple copies of files existing or being exposed. Your SharePoint consultant would implement SharePoint permission levels and best practices whilst also configuring the site administration levels. They may include adjusting external sharing, specifying IP addresses or networks and custom permissions levels.

SharePoint Security
Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy and Support

Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy and Support

As trusted Microsoft partners and expertise that span across over 15+ years as an organisation, Vissensa are a trusted pair of hands for your Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy and Support. We have planned, implemented and managed many SharePoint sites for organisations across numerous industries including energy companies, charities, media and finance businesses just to mention a few.

Our Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy and support can come in many forms to suit the needs of your business. It could be on a one off project basis  or we can support you on a monthly, block hours or fixed person pricing package. The ideal is we can support you as much or as little as you want, whilst still giving you the peace of mind that if something goes wrong we are there for you.

Microsoft Power Automate Consulting

Vissensa is proud to be a Microsoft Support Partner

As a trusted and certified Microsoft partner, Vissensa has helped a range of businesses take advantage of best-in-class Office apps with powerful cloud services whilst incorporating device management and advanced security to protect corporate data and transform the way businesses work. As a Microsoft partner, our customers benefit from a diverse technical team providing Microsoft SharePoint Consulting and support, 30 day payment terms and also recommendations on increasing efficiency and collaboration.

What Our Customers Say About Us


  • “With cloud-based services provisioned from Vissensa, we no longer need to worry about underlying IT infrastructure, our software licensing, or our day-to-day user support. Vissensa provides a quick reaction to technology issues across the company and allows us to focus on the core business of selling and delivering energy products, and to respond better to customer’s needs.”

Talent Drive

  • “Finding a partner that you instantly recognise as a trusted advisor and that operates with likeminded values of responsiveness and transparency is not easy in a crowded IT Services market. When you find them, the difference is acutely apparent. I had one simple goal when choosing my IT partner - they needed to be easy to deal with and able to demonstrate quickly that I no longer had to worry about how to manage my IT systems. Vissensa knocked it out of the park”.

Christopher Jones Wealth Management

  • “All businesses rely on IT systems, but we needed a highly skilled and responsive partner to discuss and develop a digital transformation plan that supported the company in the now, but also coincided with our ambitions as to how to operate in the future. Vissensa transformed our approach to technology adoption with their breadth of expertise combined with a highly consultative, personal approach that is so close to our own company values”.

Viridis Marketing

  • "As a small and relatively new business, we simply don't have time to think about IT. Vissensa has managed our IT for a while now and have taken care of everything from resetting passwords to setting us up with Microsoft 365, meaning we can focus on growing our business. Even though we're a small business, they are always so quick to respond and make us feel like a really important customer."

Microsoft SharePoint and Consulting Support Models

Fixed Price Per User Model

  • Fixed Price per User per Month
  • UK Based Helpdesk
  • Remote and Onsite IT Support Available
  • Highly Skilled Technical Team
  • Bolt-ons Available if Required

Monthly Cost

Priced Per User

Block Hours Support Model

  • Range of Block Hours Available
  • UK Based Helpdesk
  • Remote and On-site IT Support Available
  • Highly Skilled Technical Team
  • Bolt-ons Available if Required


Priced Per Hours

Infrastructure Management

  • Monitoring, Patching and Reporting
  • UK Based Helpdesk
  • Monthly Scheduling and Requests
  • Highly Skilled Technical Team
  • Bolt-ons Available if Required

Monthly Cost

Priced Per Devices

Configuration Summary Document

  • Review of Existing IT
  • Detailed Documentation With Recommendations
  • Health Check of Systems
  • Completed via Remote and On-Site Engineers
  • Highly Skilled Technical Team


Priced by Review

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If you have a need for SharePoint Consulting, the Vissensa team is here to provide advice and guidance and answer any questions you may have.

Our SharePoint Consultants will work with you at any stage you require. Please complete this short form, and a member of the team will be in touch to have an informal chat.

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Where can I find Microsoft SharePoint consultancy services?

Vissensa's our SharePoint Consulting services will help you to plan, implement and maintain what should be the epicentre of your business information and the hub of your staff's collaboration processes. You will be assigned a SharePoint Consultant who will be your point of contact and become one of your team. Find out more...

Is there a Microsoft Sharepoint consultant near me?

Based on the South Coast near Southampton, Vissensa support organisation across the UK and worldwide. Our SharePoint Consultants can help you on-site or remotely depending on your needs and budget. We can help Identify, Plan, Implement and Maintain your SharePoint Migration or restructuring project. Find out more ...

What SharePoint permission levels are there?

There are many ways to customise and configure your SharePoint permission levels. You really need to identify and plan how your folder structure needs to be configured and them the permissions of your staff and how you want to collaborate. Find Out more ...