IT Media Services

At Vissensa, we utilise our decades of IT industry experience to provide our customers in the media industry with specific IT Media Services that are both reliable and innovative.

Our team understands the unique challenges and requirements organisations within this industry thanks to our history working with a variety of businesses within the sector. Over time, we have developed a number of applicable solutions to fix common issues such as organising large quantities of digital content, and the need for collaboration across a multitude of media projects.

At Vissensa, we are dedicated to supporting our clients in attaining their business objectives through the provision of affordable, adaptable, and reliable IT solutions. These bespoke IT Media Services are designed utilising our teams extensive knowledge of the most up-to-date technologies and best practices, to develop and execute the solution your business needs.

Partnering with Vissensa will enable you to reduce costs, enhance operational effectiveness, while also gaining access to professional advice and assistance to ensure the resilience and future-readiness of their IT systems.

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How We Can Support Companies In The Media Industry

IT Media Services Helpdesk Support

At Vissensa, our team of IT experts are always available to provide IT Support for Media Companies. We solve your IT issues as soon as they appear and allow you to focus on running your business.

Microsoft 365 For The Media Industry

Our Microsoft experts know exactly how to elevate your IT systems to the next level. By utilising the the full capabilities of the Microsoft 365 suite, we can enable collaboration across your entire organisation.

Media Hardware and Software

Not only can we maintain your business’ hardware and software, but we can also help you acquire the necessary equipment from our industry suppliers – as well as taking care of the build and set up too!

Cyber Security In The Media Sector

Our security services include: defence against cyber fraud, cutting-edge email protection for Microsoft 365, anti-phishing measures, safeguarding against malware and malicious links, spam filtering, and advanced threat protection.

Cloud Computing In The Media Sector

Whether you require colocation or cloud computing in the Media industry, Vissensa can assist your business. Our comprehensive data centre services cover an extensive range of offerings, and we are here to support you at every stage of your journey.

Our Experience Supporting The Media Industry

Vissensa provide outsourced IT support for digital media companies as well as a variety of organisations within the media industry – regardless of size. The support packages we provide can help your business to reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency and introduce your business to future-proof products – backed by the support of Vissensa’s team of IT experts.

Partnering with Vissensa for IT Media Services enables your organisation to benefit from a devoted team of IT experts who can proactively manage digital media infrastructure, detect and resolve issues, and ensure that all systems and software remain up to date.

IT Support for Media Companies

We Are Proud To Provide IT Media Services

Intelligent Media Use Vissensa For Global Media Monitoring

“Intelligent Media’s business was growing rapidly, and it was clear that we needed to change the approach to our IT provisioning and management. From the start, it was obvious that Vissensa’s abilities to quickly understand the business objective and develop a cost-effective solution would meet our requirements. Their ability to engage with our key staff and build and execute a migration plan with minimal disruption to our business has validated our decision to select them and they continue to provide the first-class support that we have come to expect from them.”

Intelligent Media

Media IT Services

IT Media Services

Cloud Computing In The Media Sector

Most businesses in media industry have to deal with large files consisting of digital content. Managing and organising this can become overwhelming when a business does not have the right solution in place to deal with this.

Vissensa has the infrastructure and experience to fully support every step of your business’ cloud migration, whether it’s a private or public cloud environment, or maybe even a hybrid option that you need. Additionally, as part of our IT Media Services, we have the ability to migrate you to a variety of leading cloud options, including: AWS cloud, Microsoft Azure or our own private cloud.

Media companies often opt for a cloud migration with Vissensa as this can also streamline the process of upgrading a business’ data security, backup and business continuity plans. By making the most of the cloud’s flexibility, we can alleviate any necessary maintenance of equipment, and proactively keep on top of any cyber security threats that may appear in the future.

Media Industry Colocation Solutions

Working in the media industry, it’s likely you will be met with large amounts of digital content – all of which will need managing and organising.

Vissensa have been offering Colocation services globally for over a decade, partnering with top-tier suppliers in the industry like Equinix and Datum Data centres. We provide the means to manage large files with ease, offering remote and on-site capabilities. We provide solutions that support digital transformation initiatives as well as offering unrivalled flexibility and executing projects at a pace that suits your requirements.

Our IT Media services are designed with adaptability in mind and our team will work with you to identify and deliver a solution based on your organisation’s specific requirements – whatever they may be.

IT Media Services
Microsoft 365 For The Media Sector

Microsoft 365 For The Media Industry

Within the media industry, It’s rare that you will be working on one project alone from start to finish – because of this, collaboration is crucial.

Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity suite brings together the familiar Office Applications coupled with Microsoft’s growing range of communication tools such as Microsoft Teams. Everything you need is now more accessible than ever, with easy to manage monthly payment plans.

As part of a subscription, customers have the ability to get take advantage of new tools, products and features constantly updated as part of the ongoing Microsoft 365 roadmap. Vissensa offer a variety of 365 services including office 365 technical support and Microsoft consulting services as part of our Media IT Services.

Cyber Security In The Media Industry

Cyber Security in the media industry is crucial. Given the amount of data and content that needs to be managed within day to day activities, businesses in the media industry require a top tier security solution. Cyber attacks can cause widespread disruption and significant economic losses.

Due to the sensitive data involved, ensuring a business’ cyber security is up to standard is up to scratch is not just important, but necessary. With Vissensa’s Cyber Essentials certification, you can be sure that your business contain the fundamentals needed to keep your digital media infrastructure safe.

There are a number of Cyber Security threats in the media industry. As such, Vissensa provide a wide variety of security services including Antivirus & monitoring, Backups & Recovery, Firewalls and much more.

Media Cyber Security
Digital Media Hardware

Digital Media Hardware

Our team of experts can source and provide bespoke hardware solutions tailored to your business needs. From servers to storage solutions, we supply a number of organisations within the media industry with the exact solutions they require.

Efficient and reliable hardware can help with enhancing your ability to meet tight deadlines and produce high-quality content.

Increasing demands of new formats and distribution channels, such as virtual reality and streaming platforms, make it essential for media companies to keep up with the latest hardware technology to stay competitive in this fast-paced industry.


How Does IT Media Services Support Differ From Other Industries?

IT media services requires bespoke solutions that account for the specific requirements of the industry. Luckily, Vissensa have a team of IT experts who can create the right situation for your business' individual needs.

What are the key Cyber Security threats in the media industry?

The media industry uses a lot of critical infrastructure that is highly reliant on IT, making it a prime target for cyberattacks. As a whole, the crucial information the media industry has to work with faces a wide range of cyber security threats, and it is important for organisations to implement strong security measures to counter this.

What's the best way to manage and organize large amounts of digital content?

There are a number of options a business could take when managing large files - Colocation and Cloud Hosting both provide the means to host large amounts of data and organise them in a way that is easy to manage and organise. Vissensa offer solutions for both that can help elevate your business.