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Edge Computing Services – Compute and Network Architecture

Why the need for Edge Computing Network Architecture?

The introduction of Edge Computing into an organisation’s mainstream IT operation is being fuelled by the rate of digital adoption by consumers post pandemic. Our insatiable appetite for real time information is driving a new and emerging requirement for organisations to rethink their IT strategy to include the ability to process information at the edge and closer to their consumers.

Information and the speed in which it is gathered, processed and repurposed has become the new commodity as has our ability to use information in real time to make decisions on the move. To be able to transact anywhere has been dubbed “the 4th industrial revolution”.

Colocation and cloud service providers like Vissensa play an important role in the delivery of edge computing network architecture as the need for a physical presence and a wide choice of network connectivity options in the edge location is key to maximising the opportunity to be agile enough to deliver the services that consumers are expecting.

Edge computing can be deployed with a client’s own physical infrastructure in a typical colocation model. Or the equipment can be rented as in a Managed Services model which includes the use and connectivity to the public cloud networks that are focused on providing geographic cloud hubs to service major commercial centres.

Regardless of your preferred model, Vissensa has the expertise and partner capabilities with leading datacentre and network providers to design, implement and manage your edge computing requirement anywhere in the world.

Edge Computing Network Architecture Services
Edge Computing Network Architecture Services

Managed Edge Computing Network Architecture

As an organisation’s network expands to encompass edge computing requirements the network becomes an ever more critical component in the infrastructure at the same time as becoming ever more complex to deploy, manage and protect.

Having an experienced partner that fully understands every aspect of operating edge computing network architecture can be a pivotal decision as it can accelerate the time to edge services whilst relieving pressures for existing IT teams. You need a partner who understands how to interact with legacy and cloud services, knows Managed Colocation services and has the ability to enable connectivity that flows through it all. Within the industry, Vissensa is known for its expertise in all of these components of edge computing architecture.

The complexities and options of how the Edge computing topology is designed also has a bearing on the level of security that can be engineered. SASE (Security Access Service Edge) products and services from Vissensa can ensure that as your network endpoints and consumer access increase, the right adjustments to your organisation’s security stance can be delivered.

Edge Computing Bandwidth

Core to any successful deployment of an edge computing network architecture is the availability of fast reliable network services that can connect the cloud services you need together quickly.

Vissensa understands that flexibility is important when developing an edge computing service and is partnered with leading data centre and network vendors to provide bundled options of cloud, colo and network services that can be ignited quickly to provide organisations with pre-configured network connectivity between different metros.

Whether it is internet transits, direct connectivity between datacentres or the utilisation of express routes to public cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure, Vissensa can optimise the best configuration to provide commercially attractive bundles.

Edge Computing Network Architecture Services

Vissensa’s Edge Computing Network Architecture Capabilities

Equinix LD4

Equinix is a major partner of ours providing secure server colocation hosting and rack space for our customers around the world, linking major commercial centre through Equinix Fabric Cloud exchange and express routes to the major public cloud providers allowing direct connectivity to major cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud (GCP).

Edge Computing Network Architecture Services
Edge Computing Network Architecture Services

Cross Connections to 3rd Parties

As part of our edge computing network architecture, Vissensa has the ability to link 3rd party edge computing services in the major data centres across the world with your systems. Instantly extending your organisation’s service reach to new markets and providing the ability to stand up edge computing services in different geographic locations quickly and efficiently.

Digital Infrastructure Services

One of the major advantages of working with Vissensa is our global reach with local knowledge, combined with our expertise in being able to create bespoke solutions that match our client’s exacting requirements. That means we can add digital infrastructure services to any pre-deployed or new edge computing project with technology such as…

NTP or Time-as-a-Service – customers have the ability to deploy NTP services within their infrastructure provided at a monthly cost.

Network Edge – Vissensa has connections with major vendors from Cisco through to Fortinet, allowing our customers to provision virtual firewalls with flexibility built in.

Bare Metal – We can provide bare metal platforms to develop edge computing services on or provision ready to go platforms of choice in different locations.

Cloud Platform – Our ability to provide primary and redundant data centre facilities can be built in to provide both flexibility and peace of mind.

SASE – Secure Access Service Edge – We deploy major security vendors’ technology as part of a SASE deployment. Featuring the latest security countermeasures and monitoring services that keep your networks safe from attack.

Edge Computing Network Architecture Services
Edge Computing Network Architecture Services

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Vissensa operates out of multiple data centres, allowing customers the ability to provision both a primary data centre and a secondary data centre to cater for disaster recovery requirements.

By blending facilities, businesses have the choice to mix services depending on their needs for example; Half Rack Colocation at Equinix LD4 with 4U Colocation at Datum Data centres. This means you can optimise your DR saving space and money.

With point to point connectivity between both sites, customers also have the ability to utilise our transit for backup schedules and replication between sites to achieve their RPO objectives.

Edge Computing Network Architecture Server Colocation Cost

We can provide colocation hosting pricing for the most requested colocation space including 1U and 4U. We can also provide packages for a quarter rack, half rack and full rack at top colocation providers to create your edge computing network architecture.

1u to 4u colocation

1U+ Hosting

  • Services for single servers through to 4U colocation if required
  • Suitable for smaller deployments that have the ability to grow over time
  • Bandwidth included as standard
Quarter rack colocation hosting with Vissensa.

Quarter Rack Colocation

  • 9U of space, 1kW Dual Redundant Power included
  • Available at both Equinix LD4 and Datum Datacentres
  • Bandwidth included as standard
  • 1 Hour Remote Hands included
Half rack colocation hosting at Vissensa.

Half Rack Colocation

  • 20U of space, 2kW Dual Power included
  • Bandwidth included as standard
  • 1 Hour Remote Hands included
  • Priced on request
Full rack data centre services & colocation hosting.

Full Rack Colocation

  • 42U of space, 4kW Dual Power included
  • Available at both Equinix LD4 and Datum Datacentres
  • 1 hour Remote hands included
  • Priced on request

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