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The Vissensa & Datum Partnership

Vissensa and Datum data centres have been working together for over a decade providing seamless, efficient and structured colocation processes.

Finding the right data centre partner is crucial to the success of any IT service. At Vissensa we should know, as we have been partnering with high-quality data centre facilities at the forefront of the hosting market for over a decade.

As Datum’s first external client, Vissensa has worked with the Datum team to develop a unique understanding of the most popular solutions for any size and complexity of the business. Today this is represented by the range of rack space and power options to house different solutions, coupled with the highly flexible Managed Service catalogue that Vissensa operates for our Datum customers.

Sustainability and the environmental impact of IT services is front and centre of Vissensa’s operational commitments. Datum’s progressive data centre designs were built with sustainability in mind, and their continued development of renewable and sustainable projects remains a key part of the commitment to our partnership. You can be sure that our commitment to the environment can be widely demonstrated with Vissensa and Datum as your data centre of choice.

The technical bit

  • Flagship facility (FRN1): 2MW lower floor built out to 2N power and N+2 cooling. Newly built-out 2MW upper floor available for custom technical design, offering larger kVA footprints for clients seeking more substantial datum data centre placements
  • Government-grade security and resilience: Situated on the QinetiQ Cody Technology Park in Farnborough
  • 100 uptime SLA: Supported by a highly resilient colocation infrastructure that matches/exceeds Tier 3 specifications
  • Strategically positioned: Located just outside the M25 with easy access to the City
  • Environmental efficiency: Energy-efficient adiabatic cooling and power from 100% renewable sources and full carbon offsetting
  • Latency to the City: Less than one millisecond
  • Up to 30kw per rack
datum data centre
datum data centre

Colocation Hampshire and Capability – Datum Data Centre a winning combination

The commercial merits of locating a data centre operations outside the M25 are well established, with lower footprint costs, ample power, and diverse connectivity at the top of our clients’ agendas.

Couple the improved security with comprehensive design, deployment and operational management services from Vissensa, and Datum’s FRN1 data centre is a winning combination for colocation in Hampshire.

Resilience and security – complete peace of mind

Put simply: downtime is not an option. Datum’s multiple layers of resilience ensure that the data centre surpasses Tier 3 uptime specifications with:

  • 2N power (from mains to rack-level PDU)
  • Dual UPS systems (battery and rotary)
  • 100% SLA based on power

The Datum site within Cody Technology Park is managed 24/7, with robust access procedures including multi-level access control, biometrics, intruder detection, and multiple CCTV cameras coving the entire site.

Datum’s highly secure location benefits all clients, from larger defence, blue light or financial clients that require this high level of security for compliance, to smaller businesses who simply value the peace of mind that their business-critical IT is completely protected.

datum data centre


Vissensa proudly supports digital transformation projects

  • Our management and support services can dovetail into you own operational teams to provide the resources you need to ensure your project is a success.

Connectivity with flexibility built in

  • Vissensa can offer graded, flexible data transit solutions that fit directly with your business requirements. With our own circuits and IP’s, Vissensa has the ability to react to any connectivity requirement with packages from as little as 50Mbps to over 10Gb.

Remote and On-site Capabilities

  • Whilst most IT issues can be resolved remotely, on occasion there is a need for an on-site engineer. Vissensa have two offices based across Hampshire allowing us to attend customer sites to resolve problems that require in-person assistance.

Move to the cloud at your pace

  • Our enterprise class, UK based, virtual platforms allow clients to manage the move of their critical services safely and securely. By choosing Vissensa for colocation in Hampshire, customers have the ability to utilise our Managed Cloud platform to scale their services into the cloud - allowing flexibility when required.

Digital Transformation – A Proven Platform

The Covid pandemic has amplified the importance of technology being correctly aligned to ever changing business requirements. Organisations that ignored or under invested in the technology revolution continue to struggle as the economic recovery continues to emerge and business opportunities accelerate.

Digital transformation has been pushed to the top of the agenda for many businesses as they consider how to ensure maximum flexibility with their IT systems in order to remain competitive, adapt to evolving market conditions and offer the best possible service to customers. Increasingly these forward thinking organisations are seeking new hybrid delivery and service model as part of that process.

Vissensa’s strong relationship with Datum offers a commercially agile and operationally flexible alternative to costly on premise IT systems by creating an environment that has easy onboarding and scalability at the heart of its design.

Backed by the Vissensa Managed Service team we have successfully implemented data centre solutions from part rack to full suite deployments.

Stage 1

    Consolidating existing physical IT estate in one location.
    Workloads are mapped, structured and organised

Stage 2

    Transforming to a hybrid solution
    Identifying how best to deliver applications and workloads

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