Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

Vissensa has always maintained a high level of ethics in the pursuit of any and all business operations, ensuring that all of our transactions and communications with staff and clients are transparent and honest.

As the importance and acceptance of adhering to a recognised Corporate Social Responsibility increase, Vissensa has decided to detail our position on the key elements that are measured to provide a clear indication of the company’s stance on this subject.

The key areas that this policy covers are:

  • Business Ethics and Transparency
  • Human Rights, Slavery, Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Employee Relations, Health and Safety, Support and Wellbeing
  • Environmental Protection and Sustainable Business Operations
  • Charitable and Community Investment

Vissensa will promote our Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy to our all entities that transact with us or work on our behalf. We will ensure that our employees understand and adopt all aspects of our CSR commitments when working for Vissensa or on behalf of our clients.

We commit to reviewing our and their application of these policies on a regular basis.

Business Ethics and Transparency

Vissensa values its reputation in the market very highly and will take all measures and efforts to ensure that it continues its commitment to conduct business in an open, honest, and ethical manner. We will manage, maintain and constantly review our standards covering all aspects of our operation, maintaining the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance practices, displaying a level of excellence in order to maintain and promote confidence in our services, detailed in specific policies laid out in Vissensa’s staff and corporate handbook.

Striving to go above and beyond any legislative or compliance guidelines, Vissensa will maintain the highest level of security to protect personal and corporate data within our care. We are already seen as a leader in this field.

Human Rights, Slavery, Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Vissensa recognises that Human Rights are enshrined in many laws created by governments around the world. It also recognises that there is still an alarming amount of Human Rights abuse that is attributed to business activities manifesting itself in slavery, child labour, forced labour, employment rights, bribery and corrupt dealings.

Vissensa will maintain a zero-tolerance stance to all Human Rights abuse and continues to actively ensure that our business operations are not complicit in any activity that may breach our commitment.

In all employee and third-party relationships, Vissensa will maintain the highest level of professionalism and will always be respectful of an individual’s personal situation, culture, beliefs and values.

Bribery and corrupt activities damage all legitimate businesses and free trade. Vissensa will ensure that where we promote and engage our services, we will do so in a legitimate and lawful manner, activity retracting from any association where the other party’s bribery and corruption stance is unclear.

Vissensa is committed to maintaining and updating our defined policies that cover Human Rights, Slavery, Bribery and Corruption detailed in our employee and corporate handbook.

Employee relations, Health & Safety, Support and Wellbeing

Vissensa’s core employment value is one of a fair, supportive, open, transparent and professional working environment where employees can develop and thrive in their chosen careers, respecting the legislation of the countries we operate within.

The company actively promotes a learning culture, both structured and self-paced, with support from peers and line management and is regularly assessed.

Vissensa will not tolerate any unlawful activity in the workplace; corporate or personal, including discrimination or harassment.

The company works hard to ensure employees have a high level of support and wellbeing, offering sickness, adoption and paternity leave entitlement, equal opportunities and flexible working provision and a profitability bonus scheme as some of the benefits of working for the company.

In addition, Vissensa is actively engaged in the development of employees and will look to promote internally before advertising externally for new roles.

Employee welfare is high on Vissensa’s agenda, and regular work social events are provided to allow team cohesion, a sense of belonging and pride to work at Vissensa. We continue to do this through video and conference facilities during enforced stay at home directives.

Vissensa is committed to a zero accident workplace, protecting the health and safety of all individuals affected by our activities, including our employees, contractors and the public.

Vissensa will ensure that a safe and healthy working environment is provided at all times and that guidance is available to all employees and contractors where they are asked to visit an external facility. Vissensa encourages the early identification and remedial action where a safety concern has been identified and to report all accidents at work to the relevant recipient.

Environmental Protection and Sustainable Business Operations

Vissensa believes that environmental protection and sustainability is an incumbent part of running a healthy, moral and efficiently managed business. Our employees, partners and suppliers are all activity assessed and engaged in delivering our services in the most environmentally friendly way possible and adopt new environmental thinking into our business decisions.

Although Vissensa does not control some of the resource it consumes, such as data centres, it does actively seek to understand the environmental impact our data centre choices have, and how they mitigate this impact in order for Vissensa to make business decisions as to the use of such facilities.

The company is committed to limiting its waste as much as operationally possible, by adopting a paperless process for our clients from prospectus and proposals to electronic contracts and terms.

The company also actively seeks to provide and promote a supply chain as short as possible and, where available and applicable, source refurbished equipment, promoting this to our clients as well as using ourselves.

Our MSP operations are centralised and our commitment is to build solutions robustly the first time so that a “Lights Out” operation can be deployed, minimising the engineering miles required to service such equipment in our data centres. Where we operate internationally, we are committed to using local resources to maintain equipment, reducing our air travel to the very minimum.

Vissensa is committed to using office space and consumables with as low an environmental impact as possible and that can demonstrate an active sustainability policy.

Charitable and Community Investment

Vissensa is committed to supporting local communities in which we operate or extend our services through, offering free and impartial advice in the fields of industry that we have knowledge in, and through the support of charities and organisations that benefit from corporate sponsorship and philanthropy.

The charities and organisations that Vissensa helps can be found on our website, and promoted through our social media channels.