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Why Microsoft Azure with Vissensa?

Public Cloud deployment is now a well-established alternative to owning physical IT equipment. However, many medium and smaller sized businesses struggle to find the ideal application or system to migrate that will provide their catalyst into the Microsoft Azure platform.

Its not such a daunting task as it might seem, and using Vissensa’s technical experts to plan and migrate your chosen service, your business can be insulated from the usual migration risks. Once in Azure, the opportunities to connect to a wide range of business applications already in the Azure marketplace are available on pay to use and monthly models designed to reduce your licencing costs.

Using Vissensa to move to Microsoft Azure gives the added advantage of having a Global reach platform with local expert to help with access to our UK helpdesk when the need to speak to an expert about your environment. We can even deploy and manage Azure instances as part of a dedicated, private or on-premise IT estates.

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Microsoft Azure Services include

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    Moving your operation or part of it to Azure correctly requires a number of steps carried out in the right sequence to ensure that the power and flexibility of cloud platforms is fully available to you. Our experience in moving and using Microsoft Azure ensures your setup is optimised.

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    Not every application is best suited for the public cloud so its good to get a understanding of what the performance and operation of applications will be once in a public cloud. Where applications can’t move, its important to have alternatives, such as dedicated cloud options or even an onsite local cloud. Vissensa can help find the right option.

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    Vissensa’s Office 365 and Azure services are geared to take the burden out of understanding on how to report and manage Microsoft Licensing, letting companies get on with running their business. Many companies we help have originally selected the wrong licence for the workload and are paying too much or are in breach of their Licence terms.

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    Welcome to Flexibility

    Once a company is consuming Azure services, they have the ability to scale up and down the size of their compute and storage as and when business dictates. The ultimate aim of most Azure customers is to save on CAPEX and move to a rented compute model.

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    The Cloud Jigsaw

    The key to the successful use of Microsoft Azure is to know that it is not a “silver bullet” to all your IT needs, it’s a part of a more complex Jigsaw. Vissensa offer a range of on premise, dedicated, private cloud & network services which builds a full picture of how a company can consume the latest IT services.

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    Vissensa Options

    The benefit of customers working with Vissensa allows us to find a suitable solution across Microsoft Azure and our own UK hosting platforms that meets the exact need. This allows our clients to choose what level of flexibility, cost and location fits their specific requirement.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Managing Costs

    Making sure Azure instances are working to their optimum is vital in keeping tabs on an IT spend. Vissensa monitor your use and advise when a better option is available.

  • Trusted Azure Advisors

    Our Technical and Account Management teams have the capabilities to ensure that Azure instances are configured and managed with optimised, efficient operation in mind.

  • Best Configuration

    Knowing what you intend to use in terms of resources and how these might grow over time is vital to ensure a company gets the most out of an Azure deployment.

  • Joining Estates

    Its unusual that a company migrates their complete estate to Azure, with Vissensa expertise in running hybrid clouds your company won’t be held back or slowed down in your deployment.

  • Accountability

    Vissensa’s understands that when the IT environment is remote, your own IT team has to work harder managing the estate. Vissensa work alongside your team giving them the visibility they need.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started

The ability to work closely with 3rd party organisations, such as our software developers, as well as being able to quickly and efficiently provision networking, licencing and shared cloud services, has enabled us to choose the best deployment methods available and deploy these services according to our business and operational requirements.
J Sykes, Partner, PRMA Consulting