Healthcare IT Support

HCSA supports NHS Procurement Professionals by developing, celebrating and representing those in the profession. They needed Healthcare IT Support to help collaborate and optimise the way staff worked utilising Microsoft 365.


The Association provides training events and educational seminars, sponsors awards and hosts two high-profile annual conferences.

The governance of the Association rests with the Board of Trustees. The Executive runs the day-to-day business of the Association supported by a National Council of Regional Coordinators, Specialist Area Coordinators and National representatives from across the U.K.

HCSA is a registered charity in the UK, which is entirely self-financed through a combination of income from conferences, seminars, other training events and advertising.

Client: HCSA
Industry: Healthcare
Services: Microsoft 365 migration, IT Consultancy.

Healthcare IT Support

Challenge – Creating Optimised Healthcare IT Support

HCSA were using multiple systems, with files and documents saved on different platforms, making collaboration difficult and a security risk. It was tough for the team to communicate easily and quickly. The organisation needed advice on rectifying this and creating an infrastructure that enhanced the business security and improved the staff’s working environment.

The business needed to continue as usual without any halt, so a seamless migration from the previous solutions was imperative. After the initial consultancy implementation, there was a need for ongoing Healthcare IT Support.

Healthcare IT Support – Secure Collaboration and Solution Optimisation

Security of information is paramount in any industry, particularly in healthcare. Vissensa implemented a secure SharePoint site with multi-factor authentication that enabled collaboration to exist while maintaining a high-security posture. One of the major pain points for HCSA was collaboration and the use of many solutions. Sharepoint enables live collaboration enabling more than one person to work on a document so it was the perfect solution for the organisation to use. It also comes with the security that you would expect from a Microsoft application and is easy for staff to share files.

With a reliance on multiple solutions and the possibility of creating a lot of shadow IT environments, the Microsoft suite was the perfect way to streamline applications such as email, internal messaging, file storage and productivity tools into one succinct platform. Once agreed Vissensa planned the set-up that was required for email (Outlook) and Sharepoint in terms of admin rights, groups and permissions. Vissensa then implemented the Microsoft solutions and smoothly migrated emails and existing files into Sharepoint.

To further add to the improved collaboration, Microsoft Teams was configured which means the HCSA team could message each other quickly and understand when colleagues are busy, online or in a meeting.

Upon the completion of the Microsoft migration, HCSA needed peace of mind to know that they had help on hand whenever they needed it.  As a charity, they needed ongoing support which was bespoke to their budgetary needs. Vissensa, therefore, created block hour Healthcare IT support that met HCSA’s business model. It meant they have direct access to our helpdesk support engineers for their staff for any queries or problems.

Healthcare IT Support


“We spoke to Vissensa at the very start of our project and it was great to be able to lean on their independent advice on which systems we should use to improve our security, collaboration and streamlining of products to use one platform. The migration was seamless so at no stage did we have to stop working. We started using the Microsoft suite when Vissensa let us know it was set up and we have not looked back since. They now look after us with great support when our team need it.”

Alan Hoskins – HCSA Business Support | HCSA Supporting NHS Procurement Professionals