At Vissensa, we are excited about the possibilities that our new prebuilt 15U server rack could bring to you and your business. From moving offices to events and pop-ups, this has the chance to streamline operations and optimise transitions in many businesses. 

Server Rack for Warehouse Deployments

We understand that warehouses may be used on a temporary basis so provisioning a leased line or internet service may not be on the cards. By having the ability to deploy 4G/5G connectivity with a secure rack footprint, we can allow the warehouse to become operational quickly.  


Once the warehouse has fulfilled its purpose, our prebuilt 15U IT rack can be turned off and moved to a new location to provide the same functionality and efficiently deployed, without long lead times. 

No Dedicated Comms Rooms

Our prebuilt 15U server rack is smaller than a standard 42U cabinet.


This means, if you do not have a dedicated comms room, it can easily be placed and moved to various areas around an office space, depending on the best location for it, albeit ensuring it does not impact structured cabling.

The rack comes with an integrated cooling system; fans mounted to the ceiling of the cabinet keeping the equipment cool when in use, meaning no further physical infrastructure changes are required.

Legacy Comms Rooms

It is an unwanted consequence of moving forward and changing the way a business uses IT infrastructure, but the Comms Room is usually the one spot that becomes a tangled mess of cables, switches, and other IT equipment.

Our 15U server rack is an ideal method to renew on-premises infrastructure while causing minimal disruption to the existing equipment that is running the business. Because it is fully portable, it can live outside the Comms Room but stay connected and running the services you need while the legacy equipment is decommissioned.

The rack solution also avoids the substantial investment required to upgrade an outdated comms room, such as air-conditioning. The cabinet comes with integrated cooling from fans mounted on the roof of the 15U rack, powered by the UPS and direct fed power.   

Server Rack for Events and Festivals

Due to the mobility and smaller size of the 15U rack, it lends itself to events, festivals, and pop-up shops. As with warehouse deployments, these will often require short-term or temporary solutions meaning a leased line or internet service is not an option. This rack is capable of running over 4G or 5G, where permitted.


Our prebuilt 15U server rack can be transported and deployed quickly to ensure the smooth running of events without the worry of unreliable IT and Internet services.