Vissensa are pleased to present our “Charity IT” guide. This guide brings together years of experience working with charities to help you understand what is possible when you invest in IT, and the strategies proven to optimise your IT solutions. Charity IT support and requirements come with their own unique set of challenges, so it is key to focus on the aspects that will impact you most; security, unique working structures, and collaboration to name a few.

Finding a provider that can put in place flexible and bespoke solutions can transform a charity, so in this guide we will arm you with all the information you need to make a decision that is right for you.

What to expect…

The Importance of IT Support:

We will break down the benefits to give you an understanding of where your charity could find the value in outsourced IT support. We will cover:

• Reducing Costs

Outsourced IT support provides the opportunity to reduce the costs surrounding the running of your charity and focus more funds where they are needed most.

• More Time-Efficiency

Having an external team focusing on any issues you may encounter means that you will spend less time worrying about any IT issues.

• Better Communication

IT Support can facilitate greater connectivity and communication across charities, even with remote working environments and volunteers based in different areas.

• Security

Security is key for charities when handling particularly sensitive data, but security systems in place aren’t always as secure as they should be.

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Types of IT Services and Support:

We will outline what types of IT support and services are available as certain solutions will be more applicable to your specific charity than others. This will take a look at:

• Microsoft 365 Services

There is a range of tools offered within Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity suite that can benefit charity operations in a range of ways.

• SharePoint

This allows charities to collaborate on documents and files when staff are located everywhere with ease and assurance of security.

• IT Helpdesk Solutions

A helpdesk solution will provide you with a support team that will be on hand for you and your team, assisting with any IT issues.

• Hardware

Hardware support includes supplying and maintaining your hardware, and often your software too.

• Cyber Security

Compliance and data security is imperative when you hold sensitive data about the people you may help – IT support providers can plan and strategize to aide cyber security.

• Cloud Computing

Make that server in the corner of your room a little less daunting with outsourced IT support who can take that stress away and discuss cloud solutions with you.

To see what services may benefit you, read our full guide, and to see what we offer at Vissensa, check out our IT Support For Charities page here!

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Our expert team have explored the critical importance of investing in quality IT solutions for charitable organisations. This offers areas for consideration and actionable points enabling you to begin the conversation about outsourcing IT support.

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