Vissensa are pleased to present our “10 Steps To Cyber Security” guide. This guide was made with the purpose of helping you to avoid falling victim to various kinds of cybercrime. Increasing reliance from businesses upon their IT systems paired with the threat landscape growing ever more prominent means that the need for a more comprehensive approach to Cyber Security is becoming crucial. Businesses need to commit to protecting the most valuable asset – It’s data.

In 10 simple steps, you can maximise your defences against such an attack and drastically reduce the chances of your business losing this precious data.

What to expect…

Step 1 – Spotting A Phish

In this step, we help you understand how to spot a phishing email by highlighting the key features that are often included. Arming you with the knowledge to identify these emails so that you can avoid falling victim to them in the future. 

Step 2 – Watch The Hooks

This step focuses on the dangerous links that are provided in cyber criminal messaging and ways in which you can assess the validity of these links and ensure that you don’t get lured into that false sense of security.

Step 3 – Antivirus software 

In this step we talk through the various kinds of antivirus software available and explain the benefits of using an antivirus software, and how it can bolster your existing security.

Step 4 – Verify, Verify, Verify

In this step, we show the key ways of verifying urls and website domains to ensure that the sites you visit are safe and secure. We highlight all of the small features and details that can indicate whether you should visit the site, or keep far away…

Step 5 – Rotating passwords

This is where we provide you with password rotation best practices and educate you as to how to create a strong and memorable password, that will decrease your chances of having them fall into the wrong hands.

Step 6 – Firewalls

In Step 6, We recommend vendors and practices to help your business utilise firewalls as a way to protect your network, both as data enters, and as it leaves.

Step 7 – System Updates

In this step, we discuss the importance of regularly updating your operating system and explain ways in which you can check for system updates and install them onto your device.

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Step 8 – Pop-ups

Here we show you how to block pop ups, the ways in which they can be harmful and provide some insider knowledge as to the sneaky tactics pop ups use to mislead you and convince you to click on the wrong parts of the window.

Step 9 – Giving Out Information

We talk through the steps you can take to verify that a website, and company are genuine, legitimate and secure. We also go over best practices for providing and sharing your information with other people.

Step 10 – Recovery and Backups

This is where we discuss the importance of backing up, the different types of backups available and the best practices involved in the processes.

And even after our 10 steps to cyber security, we go that extra mile and compare and recommend data security platforms such as Microsoft 365 Defender, Fortigate Fortimail, Barracuda E-mail Protection and Veeam Backup and Recovery. 

Data Security & Back Up

To see more about what we can do to help you improve your cyber security, Read our 10 steps to cyber security guide, or check out our Data Security and Back Up page here!

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