Segen, established in 2005, is the largest UK trade only distributor of renewable energy equipment. Headquartered in Aldershot, Segen is a value-added distributor and installer of renewable technologies, supplying a network of MCS-certified installers and major manufacturers.

Client: Segen
Industry: Energy
Services: IT Support, Cloud Computing, Hosting, Network Services


Providing enough infrastructure to keep Segen’s business moving forward to enable the company to keep pace with customer demand has been key to Segens impressive growth.

Their physical servers were unable to support the growing volumes of data being generated, which became the catalyst to search for the right provider of a private cloud model.

Adding to their complexity, their expansion throughout the UK, Europe and the world was only possible by upgrading the limited network capacity in house with an enterprise class managed network capable of reliably linking their office systems and warehouses together to support their growing global presence.

Keeping up with Customer Demand

At the point where the UK solar energy market was going through an explosive growth period, Segen began to explore a move to the cloud to help them with their growth. As Segen expanded its operation to meet rising demand the IT infrastructure was struggling.

Now as the company continues to grow into the European and Global Energy markets, the ability to access reliable, flexible cloud computing remains a critical factor in Segen’s ability to respond to new market conditions.

Highly-Available Cloud Solution

Vissensa virtualised Segen’s existing physical servers and migrated them to Vissensa’s cloud-based solution. The service was then delivered from state-of-the-art high-specification data centres based on modern scalable server and storage infrastructure designed for running virtual server landscapes.

Vissensa works closely in conjunction with Segen in their M&A activities where new offices around the world are incorporated into Segen’s network as well as supporting their other suppliers such as developers of the company’s customer portal and order processing systems to ensure a smooth operation of their cloud services.

Improved Data Recovery and Business Re-Focus

By leveraging a flexible cloud-based infrastructure, Segen benefited from the ability to quickly and easily increase the capacity of servers to meet demands at peak periods and during the acquisition of new companies.

The service also allows for a cost-effective database recovery environment to be provided and tested on a regular basis ensuring that Segen can quickly and efficiently resume their worldwide business operations.

This has allowed Segen the capacity and availability it needs to keep pace with the growing demands within the business and flexibility to react quickly to the business and legislative changes in the energy marketplace.