Kan Ltd, is a trade only manufacturer and promotional products wholesale supplier, supporting the UK promotional gifts sector. With factories in the UK and overseas, Kan have worldwide manufacturing and sourcing capabilities meaning high volume orders can be dealt with quickly and to exacting specifications.

Client: Kan Ltd
Industry: Retail Services
Services: Cloud Computing, Virtual Hosting, Local IT Services


Kan Ltd approached Vissensa when their trusted onsite physical server, hosted in their Hampshire office, reached the limits of its ability to reliably support the demands of the business. The challenge was to migrate an important legacy application from the older technology to a modern operating environment without disrupting the company’s external website ordering systems that was linked to the application.

As part of the migration, Kan wanted to improve their business continuity by ensuring that the critical business information contained on these systems was backed up and could be recovered quickly when necessary.

Physical to Virtual Migration

Vissensa initially reviewed the platform and advised that the one server Kan operated was a single point of failure and should me migrated to a virtual platform where resilience can be guaranteed.

Vissensa performed a physical to virtual migration of the server and took over the management of it, relieving the Kan staff from the pressures of managing infrastructure and focused them on improving and developing the digital experience that users saw when browsing and ordering Kan’s extensive range of products.

To ensure a high level of uptime for the server and the website Vissensa also suggested the move encompassed moving the service from the Kan office to one of Vissensa’s secure, always available cloud services. By doing so, Kan Ltd were able to take advantage of our capability to provide hosting services within our UK data centres and increase efficiency across their platform.

An initial test a week prior to the planned cutover to allow for testing and ensuring the virtual environment performed as expected with the legacy application. Once confirmed, a secondary migration took place at a point of least disruption and allowed for the full physical to virtual migration to be complete over a weekend.

Local Provider – Southampton

Vissensa are a Hampshire based IT services company with over 10 year of experience in supporting local and national business with their IT needs. We are proud that our goal is to provide a local “feel” to the services we provide but with the power to deliver secure stable owner operated cloud platforms with 99.999% uptime while delivering real choice in the IT market.

Working closely with Kan Ltd, Vissensa were able to stabilise their key systems in a short timeframe and present an opportunity for the business to move to new stable and supported systems that would ensure Kan Ltd could continue to grow their business.

Uptime and Performance is Key

Kan Ltd have seen a significant improvement across their service providing stability and efficiency for their internal environment and international customers. Vissensa’s cloud service also provides Kan Ltd with the ability to licence software products on a monthly basis removing the need to spend money of annual or multiyear software costs.