Intelligent Media is the leading global media monitoring and evaluation service with 20 years of experience providing unique media monitoring solutions to the Entertainment, Technology, Sports, Lifestyle and Creative industries. Their fully scalable services provide accurate, real time results direct to desktops and mobile devices 24/7, helping clients achieve the level of insight and media intelligence that their client’s PR & marketing campaigns require to place earned media at the heart of the marketing mix.

Client: Intelligent Media
Industry: Media
Services: Data monitoring and evaluation

Worldwide Support

The ever-growing demand for Intelligent Media’s products and services have led to a redesign of their IT strategy to cover West London and Los Angeles operations. Intelligent Media needed a robust and resilient solution that would ensure Media Companies all over the world were able to gain 24-hour access to a full library of content.

Successfully moving to a fully managed service without interruption, including moving leased lines, required a zero-downtime migration, engineering in the extra capacity and functionality needed to support the growing business demand.

Building Resilient Capabilities

Vissensa developed systems on a virtual platform to expand and contract in line with Intelligent Media’s client requirements. The Vissensa platform and monitoring service is immediately available and responsive and ensures 24/7 protection from cyber-attack. It has relieved Intelligent Media staff from the direct burden of managing the infrastructure, giving them the freedom to further develop their own internal strategies, and provided the organisation with cloud services expertise allowing a flexible approach to resources, even for worldwide operations.


“Intelligent Media’s business was growing rapidly, and it was clear that we needed to change the approach to our IT provisioning and management. From the start, it was obvious that Vissensa’s abilities to quickly understand the business objective and develop a cost-effective solution would meet our requirements. Their ability to engage with our key staff and build and execute a migration plan with minimal disruption to our business has validated our decision to select them and they continue to provide the first-class support that we have come to expect from them.”

Intelligent Media