Episode 5 features Award Winning Business Mentor Beverley Poole, Founder and CEO of Aspire 4 Business.

Beverley specialises in mentoring businesses to help their staff flourish in their working environments, to ensure employees can achieve a happy work life balance. Discussing the psychology behind working alone, remotely and the phased return to the office – Beverley covers mental health, well-being and how to support your employees deal with the ongoing ripples from the Covid fallout.

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Beverley Poole, Founder of Aspire 4 Business

Beverley Poole
Founder & CEO
Aspire 4 Business

Steve Groom, CEO of Vissensa, IT Support Company in Hampshire

Steve Groom

People, Places, Projects – the people make the business, they decide the places they’ll be working and the projects they need to be working on

Beverley Poole

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