Episode 11 features CEO of MyTime Young Carers, Krista Sharp.

MYTIME Young Carers is a charity organisation that was set up in 2013 to provide support to young carers who are responsible for caring for members of their family that suffer from illness, disability or addiction. For these children, their caring responsibility is their main responsibility – it comes before doing their homework, or seeing their friends. Because of this, young carers perform on average 9 grades lower than their peers in school. This is the main problem that MYTIME wanted to fix.

When the pandemic forced schools to close, access to education and communication with teachers and peers that Young Carers rely upon became even more difficult. By the third lockdown, young people across the UK from disadvantaged backgrounds with no access to laptops weren’t able to access their online learning. MYTIME charity was inundated with requests from schools asking for help, so they put out a request for IT donations. This is where Vissensa stepped in to help by providing the charity IT hardware.

We were able to source laptops for Krista by utilising our extensive supply chain, helping 24 young carers get the access to their online learning, their teachers and their peers.

For CEO of MYTIME Young Carers, Krista, there’s a really important message she wants to share with the world. The concept of ‘a young carer’ is one that many do not really understand – what challenges do these children face? How can you support them?

Vissensa have invited Krista to take part in our Vissensa Talks series, in order to share with our network the problems young carers have been facing, in the hope to raise all important awareness.

Passionate about all things technology? Vissensa welcomes leaders from other organisations who are passionate in their own fields to take part in the Vissensa Talks series. The series invites a range of industry experts, specialists and now – charities, to the Vissensa headquarters in Castle Malwood to talk openly about current issues, the ever changing market and the new norm we find ourselves in.

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Krista Sharp

MyTime Young Carers

Steve Groom - CEO at Vissensa | Vissensa IT Services

Steve Groom


What are the two words you associate with your childhood? Fun? Friends? Love? Family? Safety? For young carers, the two most common words are: Worry. Responsibility. “

Krista Sharp

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