Collaborative remote working was once considered a ‘nice to have’, but has become essential to businesses over the last 6 months. The advantages of flexible working, and the ability to have a fully functioning team outside of the office environment, have quickly outweighed the disadvantages of feeling disconnected from co-workers or clients. Selecting a modern, flexible, and collaborative communications tool has never been more important.

As soon as we were launched into full lockdown mode, businesses had to react – and quickly. This led to an exponential explosion of conferencing and collaboration tools, many of which were implemented despite having limited functionality, as an emergency stopgap.

Although lots of the tools we’ve seen adopted can tick one or two of the “must-have” functions (basic telephony, video calling, scheduling, file and data collaboration), unfortunately many lack the security that is required to protect both company and employee corporate and personal data.

Microsoft’s extensive development journey has resulted in a collaborative product encompassing all of the required functionalities, secured under an umbrella of standardised security features. Enter Microsoft Teams Telephony. Allowing safe, secure, and efficient communication with colleagues and clients wherever the contact is initiated or received – Teams Telephony has changed the landscape of collaborative remote working forever.

We are very proud to have added our own Teams Telephony solution to the Vissensa portfolio and encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss how this can be implemented to benefit your business.

Microsoft Teams Telephony has provided business continuity for organisations around the world during the Pandemic by enabling continued collaboration for co-workers and clients alike. The platform is continually being enhanced and improved by Microsoft, and today stands as one of the leading collaboration tools available with the most integrated functionality and features on the market.

The Teams features we consider the most important:

  • The power of instant messaging
  • Visibility of ‘out of office’, ‘on a call’, and ‘busy’ indicators
  • Reliable video and audio calls
  • Meeting capability via your phone, computer, or mobile
  • Voicemail integrated with email – you get sent an audio file straight to your inbox so that you never miss returning an important call again

Teams Telephony with Vissensa

We’ve combined our Microsoft Partner status with over a decade of knowledge gained from supporting remote working solutions to develop our own version of the collaborative workspace tool.

With Microsoft Teams at the core, our tried and tested Vissensa Teams Telephony Solution encompasses industry-leading supporting technology to ensure the very best user experience, with functionality of the highest quality. Better yet, we’ve made sure this is available for our customers at a price point that will save on standard VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony charges!

Are you still struggling to provide the basics of a telephony service in your business? You’re not alone. There are still an astonishing number of companies having to work without the ability to collaborate, or even simply transfer important calls between the team.

But don’t worry – this is easy to implement, and inexpensive to operate!

If you want to implement a collaborative solution into your business but you’re concerned about rapid change, Vissensa’s Microsoft Teams telephony can be introduced in stages to allow you and your business to adapt at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Soon, your employees, co-workers, and clients will be enjoying seamless and professional calls and meetings. It’s also super simple to share files, folders, documents, and presentations because the Microsoft stack is completely integrated – no more searching around for a USB stick or purchasing an external file storage tool! Each Microsoft user is given 1Tb of free storage which saves money, decreases complexity for the users, and increases the security of data shares.

We understand that any form of change can be daunting – but let our extensive experience and track record of customer service reassure you. Vissensa would be proud to be the partner for your Telephony requirements, and would stand by your side as you step into the future of collaboration.