IT Support Services


Why Vissensa's IT Support Service?

Vissensa provide a range of IT Support Services for local businesses across Hampshire with our two offices based in Southampton and Fleet. We are already changing the way local businesses provision their IT with fixed monthly costs geared to a user, making it easy to budget and understand.

Our in depth experience of running IT solutions means we have engineered a range of “Bolt-On” services to our core product range to allow our customers to pick and choose what software and support suits them, available when the need it, for only as long as they need it – no more being charged for services that you don’t need!


Vissensa IT Support at a glance

  • router-1807_67aa302b-3a94-46a7-aa3d-66b8928a87d7

    Business Internet

    Vissensa work with a range of network providers to accommodate any network requests from our partners – ranging from Leased Lines, Point to Point, MPLS and Business Ethernet provisioning.


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    UK Based Team

    Vissensa helpdesk is entirely based in the UK and local to Hampshire, meaning you speak to one of the team who can help you over the phone, using our remote assistance technology or with an onsite visit if required to help resolve your issue.


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    Managed IT

    Vissensa provide a full IT service – removing the need for IT CAPEX purchases, releasing time & effort expended on managing the IT operation, eliminating the IT recruitment challenge and streamlining the number of IT providers delivering the service you need.


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    Hardware Procurement

    We have some formidable relationships with the best-known vendors in the industry enabling Vissensa to offer the very best pricing available. If you are buying anything from a laptop to a full datacentre of equipment, speak to us !


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    Operating Systems

    Patching operating systems is now a compliancy issue, keeping you on the right side of laws such as GDPR.  Vissensa take away this complex and time-consuming upgrade & manage job with tools to continually monitor and update them when required.


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    Other Services

    Vissensa have built a range of IT  services geared to the large or small user, from Windows desktop upgrade services (windows Desktop 7 to 10 upgrades) server upgrades, equipment cabling, wifi provision and cloud services such as Office 365 and One Drive management., Backup and Business continuity.



Why Choose Vissensa for IT Support

  • Control IT Costs

    Companies who use an IT Support company benefit from stable efficient IT systems, the latest industry knowledge and experience, and who focus on growing their business not the IT team.

  • One Stop Shop

    Having a number of different suppliers introduces inefficiencies, hidden costs and will lack the transparency modern business expects. Vissensa can provide the full range of IT services, simplifying your supply chain.

  • Economy of scale

    Vissensa work with a range of small and large businesses who use our platforms to give themselves the flexibility and economy of scale when and how they need it. We’ve helped many businesses to start small and helped grow them over a number of years.

  • Increased efficiency

    Vissensa reviews all our customers IT whether you have been with us for years or have just started. We will discuss possible ways to help you take advantage of new technology and reduce costs if possible.

  • No Hidden Charges

    Vissensa provides an easy to understand cost model for all our managed services and for specific project engagement and we continue to introduce technology to making even simpler to use and view what you have used.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started

We have forged a strong relationship with the team at Vissensa and they continue to play a major role in the ongoing support and expansion of SPX Investment Management’s operation.
C Peixe, IT Manager
Pricing and Plan

1 monthly fee for all IT services. No costly surprises

Vissensa IT Support Service

Flexible to fit your business
£20 /per user per month
  • Vissensa IT Support Includes as standard;
  • Coverage 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Coverage for User IT issues
  • Access to Vissensa helpdesk
  • Priced per user per month
  • Easy to Understand and Scale

IT Support "Bolt-Ons"

Pick and Choose what you need
Small charge /per user per month
  • Pick and Choose what you need as part of your service;
  • Anti-Virus?
  • Office 365 Support?
  • Monitoring for Devices or Servers?
  • Onsite Support?
  • Much more!