IT Support

Vissensa is formed of a dedicated team of IT and Cloud experts with decades of combined experience catering for customers across the UK and around the world.

Trusted Advisors

IT support is often regarded as an unnecessary service, and so many companies put themselves at risk by going it alone. The truth is – it is a necessity, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive one, either. For years, Vissensa has been proudly helping customers to reduce their costs, improve efficiency and introduce innovative products and solutions that keep their businesses at the forefront of technology.

At Vissensa, we are so much more than IT Support. Instead we class ourselves as part of your business and our team of highly dedicated and experienced staff work with all our clients to find the right solution for them.

Map Your IT Provision

As business evolves, so should you. We highly recommend investing in a Configuration Summary Document (CSD), that will provide you with a complete map of your IT provision. Should you need it, your CSD gives a unique insight into your current use of IT, and identifies how it can act as a catalyst for Digital Transformation.

If you have an ongoing support package with Vissensa and you make changes to your IT infrastructure – your CSD is updated alongside as a living document. With an up to date CSD in place, the way you manage your IT will change forever.

Futureproof your IT

With Vissensa’s Configuration Summary Document,
you are guaranteed efficient support, simplified audit of licensing, and a blueprint for the future of your IT.

Are you ready to
step into the future?

It’s time to drive your business forward with the right IT services solution.

Our friendly, experienced team is here for you.