We are proud to offer these tools and services as part of our Financial Services IT support for Christopher Jones Wealth Management.

Teams Collaboration

Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace Suite

Defender Security

SharePoint Strategy and Implementation


Christopher Jones Wealth Management has clients across the UK and has built an enviable reputation from providing specialised financial advice. The team relies on the ease of use and stability of their IT systems, as they serve has a key component in providing the very best service for their clients.

Client: Christopher Jones Wealth Management
Industry: Financial Services
Services: Microsoft 365, Data Security


Moving out from under the shadow of the pandemic, Christopher Jones Wealth Management wanted to capitalise on the projects that we had previously undertaken with them, improving the collaboration and communication between them and their clients.

With the expansion of their office and the need to adapt to a more flexible way of working, they wanted to take the tools that Vissensa had implemented to the next level and allow them to continue to put customer experience at the forefront of what they do.


With our established relationship with Christopher Jones Wealth Management, Vissensa was able to build on the IT foundations we had previously laid, such as Microsoft Business Voice, Teams, and SharePoint.

The adoption of the Microsoft Modern Workplace Suite enabled improvements in collaboration with staff and clients. The simple and frictionless method of encompassing the Christopher Jones office expansion, taking on new staff and operating a seamless process of securely accessing information regardless of the location has increased the ability to share information easily and collaborate with the team and clients. This has given them the edge over their competitors due to their willingness to embrace digital transformation.

Building on the work to provide a homeworking environment during lockdown, including the introduction of Microsoft Business Voice (formerly Teams Telephony), Christopher Jones have transformed their approach to how IT systems can be an enabler across all aspects of their business.

Through a combination of SharePoint and Defender/Intune services Christopher Jones have made information, both internal and external, more accessible to the authorised user, while retaining the highest degree of control and security. This has allowed them to share and align documents and information with users to a level that is not widely available with less technically enabled businesses.


Through the work that we have done with Christopher Jones Wealth Management with our financial services IT support, they have already seen the benefits in their day-to-day processes.

Addressing the need to be flexible either between office and client or with homebased access to information, important data is now securely held on the corporate SharePoint site.

Vissensa has removed need to have fixed telephones on desks in the office with Business Voice. This has allowed office numbers to be available on the Teams mobile app on a mobile phone.

The improvements to IT systems have made the expansion of the office a far simpler project for Vissensa to complete with minimal disruption to the existing office environment.

At Vissensa we have hardened the security posture of the business and enabled the company to attain the Cyber Essentials certification.

Information sharing and collaboration of business data was also radically improved with information being shared with secure links rather than email attachments as part of the ongoing digital transformation journey CJP are on.


“We very much enjoy working with Vissensa, who have helped us deliver solutions for our business that allow us to continue to be able to provide the best service to our clients. We pride ourselves in continuing to provide a traditional face to face service in an increasing landscape of faceless advice. Having the systems, technology infrastructure and support we receive from Vissensa means we are able to continue to do this as our business grows, providing the service our clients want. I could not recommend Vissensa highly enough for anyone wanting honest, engaging and forward-thinking support for their business.”

Eliot Jones – Director | Christopher Jones Wealth Management