SPX Investment Management/SPX Capital is one of the largest Brazilian asset management companies headquartered in Rio de Janeiro with satellite offices in San Paulo and London, concentrated on generating superior results for its clients by combining high quality human capital, a solid structure and ethical values.

Client: SPX International Asset Management
Industry: Investment Management
Services: Office Build, Onsite Engineering, Colocation, IT Consultancy


Growing a financial asset management business from a national to a global business presents a number of IT challenges. Provisioning can be difficult unless you have a trusted team that can plan, co-ordinate and manage the infrastructure remotely.

Vissensa was chosen by the board of SPX to provide a flexible team of specialists who not only could project manage all of the other vendor and trades required to complete the fit out of a new building, but provide technology options that SPX could choose that best suited the London teams’ requirements.

Flexibility and Experience

Ensuring that the different infrastructure would be compatible and to future proof any planned expansion, Vissensa co-ordinated the installation and commissioning of the ancillary services such as UPS, office data cabling, workstations, telephony, door access, CCTV, video conferencing and live video feeds from Brazil.

Vissensa’s skilled implementation team was able to work around a number of vendors and bring the overall project to a successful conclusion within the tight timescale that SPX was working to in order to begin trading from its London facility.

Flexible Engineering Service and Support

The flexibility of Vissensa’s on premise and data centre centric support service allows companies to support their IT services from any location and using any model – On Premise, Data Centre or Hybrid.

SPX Capital’s Brazilian IT team needed someone on the ground in London for the duration of the build and selected to benefit from an onsite deployment of one of our Senior Engineers who provided SPX with a technical resource that owned the project deliverables.

This was hugely important for the company, whose normal IT team was on the other side of the world and ensured the development of the relevant project reporting, snagging and eventual configuration summary documentation was created.

Beyond Implementation

Vissensa’s deep understanding of IT Managed Services and our experience of working with a variety of client personal from highly technical IT teams to end users.

This allowed a continuity of support to be provided to SPX with a resident Vissensa engineer on site to assist with the daily routines and periodic issues in SPX’s office, backed up by Vissensa’s 24/7 service desk and other 3rd party vendors to provide recommendations to the business and a consistent and comprehensive ongoing support for the busy London office.

Nothing ever stands still in finance and Vissensa continues to support SPX Capital as they continue to expand.