The International Bar Association (IBA) is recognised as the world’s leading organisation of international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies, influencing the development of international law reform and shaping the future of the legal profession throughout the world.

Client: International Bar Association
Industry: Legal and Law
Services: Hybrid Cloud, Hosting and Cloud Computing Services


Like any international organisation growing its services and clients, the IT provision becomes the cornerstone of the operation, which is why the IBA decided to use a hosted facility to house their own equipment.

As the complexity of the organisation increased, the IBA wished to increase security and outsource more operational management. The brief was for a Managed Service Provider that could offer a secure and stable platform, assist with the management and operation of the equipment where necessary.

There was also the requirement for additional complementary services that dovetailed into the IBA existing infrastructure plans such as switch, firewall management and backup and recovery.

Transparent Migration

Vissensa engaged with the IBA to develop a three phase migration process taking into account the IBA’s business as usual requirements during the migration phase.

The solution incorporated the movement of development, test and production equipment and the provision of new physical hardware. This helped to provide a fully resilient service and the supply of network IP’s and other networking products to support the IBA’s international presence.

Lower Operational Cost

Post migration, a hosted cloud service was provisioned on Vissensa’s shared cloud platform which allowed a hybrid cloud model to be created for the IBA’s IT operations, lowering the cost of delivery by using a monthly Opex model.

The project to migrate the IBA also included the introduction of a new local and remote backup solution managed by Vissensa which runs from at least two remote data centres but still within UK boundaries, satisfying data sovereignty requirements.

Stable and Secure Platform

The operation runs from Vissensa’s secure data centres and is supported in conjunction with the IBA’s own team. This provides the IBA with the stability and security of a platform essential to ensuring the support of their global programmes.

John Shrives, IT Development Director for the IBA commented: “Vissensa has enabled the IBA to focus on our own projects while being assured that the infrastructure is being monitored and managed on a continual basis. The platform has proved to be very stable and their helpdesk is responsive and always available.

Our ability to call on their experienced helpdesk personnel and offload platform and infrastructure related tasks is a great reassurance to our day to day operation and is an invaluable benefit of having a managed service partner such as Vissensa.”