Crowdstrike Cyber Security Partner

Working in close partnership with Crowdstrike Cyber Security to heighten customer security posture and cyber security Managed Detection and Response with 24×7 SOC capabilities.

Our Crowdstrike Cyber Security Partnership

Vissensa and Crowdstrike, together delivering a radical new approach proven to stop breaches and managed cyber security! 

What is Crowdstrike and why you should consider them for security

Vissensa’s partnered up with Crowdstrike Cyber Security due to their extensive industry recognition as leaders by Gartner as well as the only leader in modern endpoint security vendor by Forrestor and IDC.

So why Crowdstrike? 

Through protecting the modern enterprise by securing people, processes and range of technologies – Crowdstrike through a single agent stops breaches, ransomware and cyber attacks, highlighting why cyber security is important as a global priority due to the significant threats it poses to business continuity.

Cloud Native – removing the technical complexity and simplifying deployment. 

AI Powered – with your own personalised Generative AI Security Analyst, the ability to harness big data and empower your team through security has never been easier. 

Single Agent – removing the need for multiple tools and vendors, Crowdstrike has a single agent to delivery security from day one. Crowdstrike’s advanced endpoint protection and expert intelligence are designed to address sophisticated attacks.

Dovetail all of the above with world-class threat intelligence, around the clock 24×7 threat hunting through Falcon OverWatch and the ability to have a fully managed threat service helping to eliminate the skills gap in a rapidly changing threat landscape.

Crowdstrike Partner
Vissensa - Crowdstrike Partner

Our Crowdstrike Cyber Security Managed Services

Since 2008, Vissensa has continued to secure and protect customer IT environments through our Managed Cyber Security Services, offering this alongside Crowdstrike allows us to continue to provide some of the most comprehensible security solutions in the market – protecting our clients is paramount to what we do. 

Crowdstrike enables us to provide unparalleled cyber security protection on a global scale through Crowdstrike Falcon. Whether customers are looking for Endpoint or Cloud Security through to Threat intelligence and complete SOC services, Vissensa and Crowdstrike can help.

Crowdstrike Cyber Security Service Bundles – Small Business

Crowdstrike Falcon Go

Crowdstike Falcon Go 

Falcon Go provides the base level cyber security protection with Crowdstrike antivirus – the next-generation in antivirus protection. 

The subscription also enables organisations to not only protect themselves through antivirus, but with granularity and control over devices such as safe usage of USB devices. 

Crowdstrike Falcon Pro

Everything thats included in Falcon Go such as next-gen antivirus and device control to discover vulnerabilities, but with the added benefit of threat intelligence to gain greater visibility of your IT environment. 

Falcon Pro also enables automated threat investigations allowing your business to accelerate alert, triage and threat response – allowing your business to make better, faster and more informed decisions. 

Crowdstrike Falcon Pro

Crowdstrike Cyber Security Service Bundles – Enterprise

Crowdstrike Falcon Enterprise

Falcon Enterprise 

With all the benefits included from Falcon Pro, Falcon Enterprise builds on the detection and response elements as well as threat hunting. 

Through delivering comprehensive endpoint visibility and automatically detecting threats, Falcon Enterprise prioritises malicious activity to ensure nothing is missed and any potential cyber security breaches are stopped in their tracks. 

This subscription also builds on the active threat hunting capability, leveraging Crowdstrike’s team of elite cyber security experts to continuously hunt and seek out signs of sophisticated intrusions, leaving no stone unturned. 

Falcon Elite

If your business is looking for all of the beneficial cyber security features included in previous bundles, but with the added benefit of Falcon Discover (IT hygiene) as well as Falcon Identity Protection – then Falcon Elite is your security tool of choice. 

Through actively identifying unauthorised accounts, devices, systems and applications anywhere in your IT environment – Falcon Elite enables faster remediation to improve overall cyber security posture. 

Identity-based attacks are also increasing, so through leveraging advanced AI, behavioural analytics and a flexible security policy engine – Falcon Elite enforces risk-based conditional access when it discovers anamolies.

Crowdstrike Falcon Elite

Product Spotlight – Crowdstrike Falcon Complete MDR

Falcon Complete Crowdstrike MDR – #1 Managed detection and response leader and pioneer

Enabling 24/7 expertise around cybersecurity to help close the security skills gap in a rapidly changing threat landscape.

Falcon Complete Crowdstrike MDR allows businesses to maximise Return on Invesment (ROI) and security capability through a complete Managed Detection and Response delivery with end-to-end, hands on remediation. It uses advanced automated playbooks to instantly respond to common threats.

Benefits of Falcon Complete Crowdstrike MDR

  • Immediate time-to-value – designed to be deployed in hours rather than days and weeks, delivering significant layers of expert-driven cyber security protection with 24×7 MDR operations globally. 
  • Active, hands-on security remediation – the industry’s only redemediation capable of carrying our the entire threat response, including full cleanup and restore without costly and time consuming reimaging and downtime. 
  • Tailored to your IT environment – enabling deep understanding of your unique business through platform management, agent maintenance and unprecented control configuration and optimisation and no additional cost.
Crowdstrike Falcon Complete

Crowdstrike Crowdstrike Cyber Security for Small Business

Crowdstrike Falcon Go 

Start your cybersecurity strategy with next generation antivirus protection with visibility and control over devices such as USB. 

Falcon Pro

Everything included in Falcon Go, but with greater insight into your environment such as automated threat investigations with triage and response. 

Crowdstrike Cyber Security for Enterprise

Falcon Enterprise 

Everything included in Falcon Pro, but with additional capabilities such as Falcon Adversary Overwatch for threat hunting and intelligence. 

Including industry-leading endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) as well as Extended Detection and Response (XDR) through a single solution, Falcon Insight XDR. 

Falcon Elite

Everything included in Falcon Enterprise, but with the added ability for using Falcon Hygiene to remediate faster issues related to unauthorised accounts, devices, systems and applications. 

Falcon Elite also includes Falcon Identity Protection to overcome identity-based threats backed by advanced AI and behavioral security analytics. 

Falcon Complete MDR

Providing the full scale package for a 24×7 Managed SOC operation across a client environment, with active-hands on remediation and tailoring to your environment.

Falcon Complete MDR helps to reduce the cybersecurity skills gaps and maximising ROI on security efficacy from end-to-end. 

Speak to the Vissensa Team about our Crowdstrike Cyber Security Capabilities.

If you have a need for Managed Cyber Security consulting, the Vissensa team is here to provide advice and guidance and answer any questions you may have.

As a Crowdstrike Cyber Security partner, our Consultants will work with you at any stage you require. Please complete this short form, and a member of our team will be in touch to have an informal chat about our Crowdstrike options.

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What does Crowdstrike do?

Crowdstrike are an industry leading cyber security company offering a wide range of Antivirus, device management, Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Security Operations Centre (SOC), cyber threat hunting and much more.

Which Crowdstrike product should I use?

Crowdstrike has a wide range of products to suit every business needs, from next generation anti-virus and device control through to full Managed XDR services to protect organisations environment from edge to edge. 

Vissensa can help determine which product is the most applicable and ensuring you choose the best package to meet your cyber security concerns.