On 25th August, Vissensa was lucky enough to be invited to host a webinar for Arden University. Steve Groom, our CEO discussed the topic: “Is Getting A Job In IT A Game Of Snakes And Ladders?”

The presentation featured James Leech, our Junior 1st Line Analyst and James Ellis our Junior Marketing Executive. They shared their stories and gave advice about starting a career in the IT industry.

The audience, mostly students and prospective future IT professionals, listened as Steve explained the pitfalls of the employment market. He shared tips on evaluating whether an opportunity was valuable or not. In this talk, there was a significant emphasis on the importance of finding internships and job experience that would give these students the necessary skills to have a future in not just the IT industry, but any career they put their mind to.

Hopefully these individuals walked away with better knowledge and understanding of how to achieve their dreams of working in the IT industry!

Check it out below!