Landline Providers

By 2025, all landlines across the country will be shut off, which has people wondering what repercussions the removal of one of the UK’s oldest methods of communication will have. Vissensa explore this decision and explain what it means for the connectivity of tomorrow…

Landline providers across the UK will switch every landline phone line in the country to an internet-based method of connection as opposed to the traditional wired means. As we say goodbye to the old landline phones, every household and business in the UK that wants a phone line will also need to be connected to the internet.

Interestingly, this change is being championed by the telecoms companies as opposed to any government schemes, though It’s not yet clear as to how providers will navigate this upcoming switchover. This change also means firms may need to provide customers with a free mobile phone or battery packs to ensure they aren’t stranded without a means of communication in the case of an emergency.

These companies have quite the task ahead of them. According to Ofcom research, there are currently 1.5 million homes (roughly 6% of the UK population) living without an internet connection. These companies will have to bring these people into the digital age or leave them to rely on a mobile phone. Elderly or vulnerable people who live in rural areas or don’t own a mobile phone may struggle with this change.

The change also means a whole array of other systems that currently run on the telephone network will need an upgrade. Payment terminals, alarm systems and the classic red telephone boxes will all require an internet connection to continue running, moving forward.

If the internet crashes or a power cut occurs, digital phone lines will stop working. Because of this, those who are vulnerable and do not have a mobile phone are at risk of losing means of communication and as such, landline providers have an obligation to ensure all households have access to a back-up such as a battery pack, emergency phone line or mobile phone so they can still call emergency services.

At an enterprise level, this change means businesses are going to have to move their landlines over to a hosted telephony system. While this is still an optional decision, it might be best to take this opportunity to consolidate your communications. Instead of using multiple platforms for each of your different business communications, you could use Microsoft Teams for everything! 

Make the switch on your own terms.