Episode 10 features IT Consultant and Founder of Embedded IT, Phil Clark.

Reducing our environmental impact has become unavoidable over recent years, which has led to an increased focus on industry sustainability – including within technology and IT. While technology often plays a positive part in driving more environmentally friendly behaviour, it is also responsible for the negative impacts caused by disposable technology, and extreme power consumption. Because it is so difficult to judge how environmentally conscious an IT company is, Phil partnered with Green Element to create the Sustainability Index, providing each supplier with a score which indicates their environmental awareness and adoption of best practice. 

Vissensa was very keen to take part, and this Vissensa Talks series starts by discussing our sustainability score, how we plan to improve it, and why we’re working with sustainability in mind. Not only focusing on Vissensa’s environmental impact, Steve and Phil continue to discuss the future of IT and Cloud services in general, and how the industry can continue to reduce their carbon footprint.  

Passionate about all things technology, Vissensa welcomes leaders and innovators who are passionate in their own fields to take part in the Vissensa Talks series. The series invites a range of industry experts and specialists to the Vissensa headquarters in Castle Malwood to talk openly about current issues, the ever changing market and the new norm we find ourselves in.

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Phil Clark

IT Consultant & Founder
Embedded IT

Steve Groom - CEO at Vissensa | Vissensa IT Services

Steve Groom


“Covid-19 has actually led to a lot of smaller companies asking questions about sustainability, as it has raised the awareness of the value that technology can bring when it comes to improving your environmental footprint. “

Phil Clark

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