CyberSmart Cyber Essentials 

Working in close partnership with CyberSmart to provide businesses with Cyber Essentials Certification through to compliance, assurance and threat detection software. 

Our CyberSmart Security Partnership

Vissensa and CyberSmart, helping businesses with their Cyber Essentials certification, compliance and vulnerability management in today’s world. 

What is CyberSmart and why you should consider them for Cyber Essentials

Stop cyber attacks dead in their tracks with CyberSmart: an all-in-one cybersecurity monitoring, optimisation, training and insurance platform proven to defend against the unexpected.

So why CyberSmart?

CyberSmart is the UK’s leading cybersecurity platform for SMEs who mean business when it comes to cyber defence. CyberSmart’s complete security solution for SMEs enables you to grow your business whilst protecting your most valuable assets from harm.

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Our Cyber Smart Managed Services

Since 2008, Vissensa has continued to secure and protect customer IT environments through our Managed Cyber Security Services, offering this alongside CyberSmart allows us to continue to bolster customers through Cyber Essentials certifications and tooling to help with cyber awareness training.  

CyberSmart cybersecurity platform gives businesses the tools they need to prevent breaches, attacks and exploits through a range of cyber awareness training, device monitoring and management as well as cyber insurance. 

CyberSmart Benefits and Offerings

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Benefits of CyberSmart

Protection from 99.8% of common cyber attacks

Get Cyber Essentials Certified within as little as 24 hours

Protect devices across desktop, tablet and mobile

Get up to £100k of free cyber insurance when certified

Access to curated cyber awareness training modules

Complete Cyber Confidence with CyberSmart and Vissensa

Complete Cyber Confidence is CyberSmart’s cybersecurity framework – this refers to an organisation’s trust in its ability to protect digital assets, data, and systems from unauthorised access, cyber-attacks, and data breaches.

Cyber Smart’s approach goes beyond simply compliance with regulations and encourages a proactive and comprehensive approach to IT security. 

How CyberSmart and Vissensa gives businesses Complete Cyber Confidence

Proactive Risk Management – identify and mitigate risks before cybercriminals can exploit them

Continuous Monitoring – regularly monitor systems and networks allowing you to detect unusual activity and respond quickly, preventing the impact of IT security incidents. 

Incident Response Plans – defining a incident response plan allows businesses a swift and effective response to security incidents, limiting their impact and aiding recovery. 

Cyber Aware Employees – human error plays a bit part in security breaches, so ensuring established ongoing cyber awareness training is key for implementing best practices and potential threats. 

Effective Risk Reporting – quantify, assess and measure risk against emerging threats to gain a better advantage on a plan of action and a true view of cybersecurity defences. 

IT Security Policies – establish workplace policies designed to enfore cybersafe conduct. This ensures policies are clear, comprehensive and regularly updated. 

Demonstrable Cyber Credentials – external verification and certification of business cyber credentials, such as the Government endorsed Cyber Essentials certifications. 

Culture of Cyber Vigilance – security is more than just a tick box exercise, employees outside of IT roles, need to understand them and reduce the exposure of such threats whilst reporting suspicious activity. 

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CyberSmart Products

Cyber Essentials Certification. 

Get certified in as little as 24 hours with CyberSmart, the UKs leading Cyber Essentials certification body. Vissensa helps businesses meet their contractual obligations with unlimited attempts, unrestricted support and a fixed price. 

CyberSmart Active Protect

Active Protect provides businesses with always-on device, user and application vulnerability scanning for continued piece of mind from awareness training to IT Policies. Add this with Cyber Essentials and being able to certify becomes much simpler. 

CyberSmart Dashboard

Gain access to the CyberSmart Dashboard allowing control and visibility across the estate. 

Attach this service with Cyber Essentials to allow for an easy to use dashboard, questionnaire and live support towards achieving certification. 

Speak to the Vissensa Team about our CyberSmart IT Security capabilities. 

If you have a need for Managed Cyber Security consulting, the Vissensa team is here to provide advice and guidance and answer any questions you may have.

As a CyberSmart partner, our Consultants will work with you at any stage you require. Please complete this short form, and a member of our team will be in touch to have an informal chat about our CyberSmart options.

We will never sell your data and we promise to keep your details safe and secure. For further details on how your data is used and stored please view our privacy policy.


What does CyberSmart do?

CyberSmart are the UK's leading Cyber Essentials certification body, helping businesses achieve certification in as little as 24 hours. 

CyberSmart's dashboard allows for a complete overview of the IT estate from devices through to IT policies. 

Why choose CyberSmart for Cyber Essentials?

One of the main complexities around achieving Cyber Essentials is understanding the questionnaire and having support through the process. With Vissensa and CyberSmart you have the ability to use unrestricted support for achieving certification with guidance, alongside unlimited attempts.