UK Colocation Services

All of our services are backed by Tier 3 data centre UK facilities, ensuring 99.999% uptime.

Managed Colocation Services

Managed Colocation services add a layer of experienced engineering capability to provide a service that not only manages where the equipment is housed but also takes care of the critical computing infrastructure itself.

Moving to a service provider like Vissensa means you have an expert on your team and your side, taking care of that for you.

Bundled Services Bandwidth and Remote Hands

It may seem daunting at first but the benefits of moving from the tried and trusted computer room or cupboard to a modern offsite data centre can be seen almost immediately.

Removing the need to plan for the event where the single comms cable or power supply to the building is dug up or disrupted is a major plus, replaced with diversely routed comms and power with guaranteed service levels supporting the infrastructure.

It also allows companies to take advantage of reliable IP (internet or private circuit) transit or network bandwidth from a array of 3rd party internet providers.

Server Colocation Cost

We can provide colocation hosting pricing for the most requested colocation space including 1U and 4U. We can also provide packages for a quarter rack, half rack and full rack at top colocation providers.

1u to 4u colocation

1U+ Hosting

  • Services for single servers through to 4U colocation if required
  • Suitable for smaller deployments that have the ability to grow over time
  • Bandwidth included as standard
Quarter rack colocation hosting with Vissensa.

Quarter Rack Colocation

  • 9U of space, 1kW Dual Redundant Power included
  • Available at both Equinix LD4 and Datum Datacentres
  • Bandwidth included as standard
  • 1 Hour Remote Hands included
Half rack colocation hosting at Vissensa.

Half Rack Colocation

  • 20U of space, 2kW Dual Power included
  • Bandwidth included as standard
  • 1 Hour Remote Hands included
  • Priced on request
Full rack data centre services & colocation hosting.

Full Rack Colocation

  • 42U of space, 4kW Dual Power included
  • Available at both Equinix LD4 and Datum Datacentres
  • 1 hour Remote hands included
  • Priced on request

What Our Customers Say

Martin Smith – Founder and Managing Director | Talent Drive

  • “Finding a partner that you instantly recognise as a trusted advisor, and that operates with likeminded values of responsiveness and transparency are difficult to spot in what is a crowded IT Services market. When you find them, the difference is acutely apparent.
  • "I had one simple goal when choosing my IT partner, they needed to be easy to deal with and able to demonstrate quickly that I no longer had to worry about how to manage my IT systems.
  • "Vissensa knocked it out of the park!”
  • Read the Full Case Study

Eliot Jones – Director | Christopher Jones Wealth Management

  • “All businesses rely on IT systems, but we needed a highly skilled and responsive partner to discuss and develop a digital transformation plan that supported the company in the now, but also coincided with our ambitions as to how to operate in the future.
  • "Vissensa transformed our approach to technology adoption with their breadth of expertise combined with a highly consultative, personal approach that is so close to our own company values.”
  • Read the Full Case Study

How Vissensa Provides Secure Hosting For Your Infrastructure

Equinix LD4

  • Equinix is a major partner of ours.
  • They provide secure server colocation hosting and rack space for our customers at the Equinix LD4 data centre
  • Ideal for companies needing to be next to FX providers.
  • Customers have the ability to use the Equinix Cloud Exchange or Equinix Fabric – allowing direct connectivity to major cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud (GCP).
Colocation Services
Colocation Services

Cross Connections to 3rd Parties

  • Vissensa enables our customers to cross connect with their partners
  • This can either be provided from our network infrastructure or provided directly to your equipment
  • The options are limitless from Vissensa – connect to a major finance house, FX provider, network provider or cloud provider through Equinix Fabric

Digital Infrastructure Services

  • Vissensa is one of the top colocation providers in the UK
  • We have expertise in creating bespoke solutions meaning we can add digital infrastructure services to your colocation:
  1. NTP or Time-as-a-Service – customers have the ability to deploy NTP services within their infrastructure provided as a monthly cost
  2. Network Edge – Vissensa has connections with major vendors from Cisco through to Fortinet, allowing our customers to provision virtual firewalls with flexibility built in
  3. Cloud Platform – our ability to provide primary and redundant data centre facilities can be built in to provide both flexibility and peace of mind
  4. Multicloud and multivendor capabilities allowing a quicker time to market with scalability built in
Colocation Services
Colocation Services

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  • Vissensa operates out of multiple data centres
  • Customers have the ability to provision both a primary data centre and a secondary data centre to cater for disaster recovery requirements
  • Businesses have the choice to mix services depending on their needs by blending facilities e.g., Half Rack Colocation at Equinix LD4 with 4U Colocation at Datum Datacentres. 
  • You can optimise your DR, saving space and money.
  • Customers have the ability to utilise our transit for backup schedules and replication between sites to achieve their RPO objectives, with point-to-point connectivity between both sites