Episode 8 features CEO and Founder of Fire Door Experts, Simon West.

Since Grenfell Tower, the construction industry has faced much change. Organisations like Fire Door Experts are at the front line of this change – and Simon West is here to explain how. During the Covid lockdown, like many businesses, Fire Door Experts had to adapt – and they are now coming out the other side with an exciting new, innovative concept that would well change how the construction industry deals with a future of potential pandemics.

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Vissensa Talks Guest Simon West from Fire Door Experts

Simon West
Managing Director
Fire Door Experts

Steve Groom - CEO at VIssensa IT Services Hampshire

Steve Groom

“You only have a certain amount of budget, it’s not an infinite amount of money to spend on fire doors – but as long as you have an active plan in place to maintain and replace your doors over a long period of time you’re fulfilling your obligation to fit the requirements."

Simon West

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