Episode 9 features South Coast Business Manager at The Business Magazine, Alan Lindstrom.

Alan and Steve discuss the changing landscape of print, digital, news and events in this interesting episide that delves into the Media Industry for the first time on the Vissensa Talks series. The Media Industry has embraced the Digital World from the start – but how has the current climate accelerated the need to transition into an entirely digital platform? Is the rate of change too demanding, or was the Media Industry well prepared to adapt so quickly? Alan is here with all the answers.

Passionate about all things technology, Vissensa welcomes leaders and innovators who are passionate in their own fields to take part in the Vissensa Talks series. The series invites a range of industry experts and specialists to the Vissensa headquarters in Castle Malwood to talk openly about current issues, the ever changing market and the new norm we find ourselves in.

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Alan Lindstrom

South Coast Business Manager
The Business Magazine

Steve Groom - CEO at Vissensa | Vissensa IT Services

Steve Groom


“We need to be a Business Leader in the South, and how do we do that? Through the Digital Medium and by creating interactive content”

Alan Lindstrom

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