Episode 13 features Director of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, Peter Taylor.

Peter Taylor Managing Partner of Paris Smith and also Director of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce joined Steve for our latest Vissensa Talks.          

Vissensa invited Peter to take part in our Vissensa Talks series, in order to share with our network his views on what the pandemic has meant to him personally as well as local business and how they have adapted to keep going.

Both Peter and Steve are huge advocates for local business and the South Coast. They go on to discuss the benefits of the Solent freeport scheme and how it can be a game changer for Southampton.

Passionate about all things technology? Vissensa welcomes leaders from other organisations who are passionate in their own fields to take part in the Vissensa Talks series. The series invites a range of industry experts, specialists and now – charities, to the Vissensa headquarters in Castle Malwood to talk openly about current issues, the ever changing market and the new norm we find ourselves in.

If you’d like to feature in our Vissensa Talks series, reach out to us today!


Peter Taylor

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

Steve Groom - CEO at Vissensa | Vissensa IT Services

Steve Groom


“It would be great to see the people of Southampton coming together. If we all work together as a team it will help us create a footprint for future generations."

Peter Taylor

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