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Office 365 with Vissensa

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the world’s leading enterprise communications and collaboration platforms. It allows clients access to tools which simplify and increase business to business communication, allowing teams to stay connected, increase their productivity and collaborate seamlessly across a range of services.

Microsoft Office 365 has revolutionised the way we think of email services and combined with a powerful suite of software products available in the Office 365 package, simplifies the consumption and licensing of many of the Microsoft products that are used ubiquitously today across the world.

Whether you simply just need email or full Microsoft application suite with security – Vissensa have you covered. Through our Microsoft accreditation we can offer fixed price per month models that streamline your licence use and help to reduce your overall IT spend.

At Vissensa, we help our clients in their migration to Office 365, making sure the move is seamless and transparent. Our team can also help when you decide that only part of your environment is moving to O365 or if you are considering wider Microsoft Azure services as part of a move.

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Comprehensive Office 365 Services include

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    Migrating users mailboxes, access rights and permissions need to be planned and executed correctly or some Office 365 services become difficult to manage. Use our experience to get you to the cloud.

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    Technical Help

    Our technical team work hand in hand with your business to ensure that the right tools, applications and licensing is selected to ensure that when you move, your business doesn’t stop.

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    Mixed Infrastructure

    Many companies don’t migrate to the cloud completely, when this is the case, Vissensa have the experience to help manage a hybrid cloud or on premise IT environment.

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    Endpoint management

    Just because your in the cloud doesn’t mean you can stop managing your devices. Let Vissensa secure your Endpoints by managing as one estate.

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    Vissensa ensure that the right application licences are selected and supported after a move to a cloud platform. Microsoft Office 365 and Azure are no different and there are savings to be made in most configurations.

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    License Control & Portability

    Through Vissensa’s provisioning portal, we can control and manage your Microsoft (and other products) licence use on a month by month basis, increasing or reducing your costs in line with your requirement.


Office 365 benefits with Vissensa

  • Flexibility and Scale

    Office 365 allows Vissensa’s clients to be flexible on licenses meaning as you grow so can your IT at a rate in line with your business needs.

  • Office 365 Specialists

    Vissensa’s IT Team have helped migrate numerous customers to Office 365 – meaning we know what services would benefit your organisation and can help you take advantage of them.

  • Microsoft’s Scale

    Remove the need for onsite servers and equipment and move to the cloud alongside millions of others with a global leader in IT.

  • Migrate Per Mailbox

    Vissensa work with specialised tools to help migrate clients from any email system to Office 365 – making it easier to change with minimal disruption, why not talk to us about how we do it.

  • No Large Upfront Costs

    A simple move to Office 365 will only include charges such as a “a cost per mailbox” and “Office 365 Licenses” – easy to understand and simple to change with no hidden charges.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started

The ability to work closely with 3rd party organisations, such as our software developers, as well as being able to quickly and efficiently provision networking, licencing and shared cloud services, has enabled us to choose the best deployment methods available and deploy these services according to our business and operational requirements.
J Sykes, Partner, PRMA Consulting

Office 365 Business

Best for businesses that need Office applications plus cloud storage and sharing.
£7.90 /month
  • All Office 365 Business include:
  • Office Applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Desktop Versions of Applications
  • 1TB File Storage on OneDrive
  • Business Email Not Included

Office 365 Business Premium

Best for businesses that need business email, Office applications.
£9.40 /month
  • All Office 365 Business Premium include:
  • Office Applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Desktop Versions of Applications
  • 1TB File Storage on OneDrive
  • 50Gb Business Email
  • Microsoft Teams

Office 365 Business Essentials

Best for businesses that need business email.
£3.80 /month
  • All Office 365 Business Essentials include:
  • Web Only Office Applications
  • Desktop Versions of Applications
  • 1TB File Storage on OneDrive
  • 50Gb Business Email