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Cyber Security overview

Security as a Service

Every day thousands of individuals inadvertently infect their personal or businesses systems with viruses and malware that are hugely damaging and dangerous.  These infections cost business tens and hundreds of thousands of pounds to repair, dependant on how bad the intrusion is.

At the very least it essentially shuts down a business’s ability to communicate with the outside world and  can damage reputation and credibility of the business. It also draws in the potential for fines by the ICO where data has been taken or sued by individuals or companies for damages and repair costs where the infection has been forwarded.

Vissensa approach cyber security holistically, looking at the total risk and exposure to cyber threats, not just one specific tool or product. We back this approach up with monitoring, updating and management of the installed security systems. So from physical border security to software based countermeasures either external to your services or imbedded in your systems, Vissensa are here to protect your valuable assets.

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Security Solutions

On Guard 24x7

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    Vulnerability Assessments

    Before making a step change in your security posture, it’s always good to make sure that all of the potential areas that viruses or malware can be introduced are reviewed. Taking a fresh look at what you do today often reveals gaps in the overall security measures that might lead to an infection.

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    Physical Security

    When allowing access to services such as email, file shares, applications and websites, the first line of defence is usually a firewall. However, many firewalls remain in their default setting and are vulnerable to attack from experienced hackers. Vissensa can audit a range of firewall equipment from a multitude of vendors

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    Device Licensing

    Vissensa built security service with a number of vendors to deploy and manage security devices, known as Endpoint management. Devices using this software are protected and monitored from cyber threats on a 24/7 basis and forms the cornerstone in the ability to prevent attacks against devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

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    Powerful Solutions

    When the need arises, Vissensa can work with enterprise class security solutions for all types of business sectors. Our own cloud services are protected with leading hardware and software products and backed by security processes that ensure our clients remain safe. If your business has a need for additional security measures, call us for a consultation.

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    Personal Approach

    Engaging a company in helping with any security matters is a big decision. We understand that its good to have the ability to meet and discuss the options available before making the choice of how to protect your business. We see many different shapes and sizes of business every day so why not take advantage of our experience.

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    Do Nothing – Risk Everything

    Cyber security is a grudge purchase, it’s also like insurance, it won’t make a business more money and won’t increase a client base. It is an outlay with no obvious return. But if ignored, it will leave your business open and in danger to the increasing sophistication of attacks from anywhere in the world. Act today!


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Simple Install

    Many of the services to protect your users and systems can be installed remotely and will monitor and manage files and emails being accessed.

  • Friendly Assistance

    Our Technical and Account Management teams have experience of small and large organisations requirements for security and are happy to come and discuss the best options for your business.

  • Cost Effective

    Ensuring that the best solution within a business’s budget is achieved is our goal. We tailor products and services that are in line with your use and account for the potential dangers you might face.

  • Monthly Pricing

    Like most Vissensa cloud services we can offer a service model that is per device and with a month by month commitment.  The latest security for mobile, laptop and office systems has never been so accessible or affordable.

  • Vigilance

    The holistic approach that we take to your security includes the ability to remotely update, scan and advise of potential threats. This also allows us to monitor dangerous use and connectivity of staff and refuse connection and access to devices that pose a threat.

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