Backup and Business Continuity


Why Vissensa for Backup and Business Continuity?

It is still an uncomfortable fact that too many organisations suffer significant damage, or worse still, damage beyond recovery, because they do not have adequate backup, recovery and business continuity plans in place.

Backing up systems to a portable device or cloud service will allow data from critical business system to be restored if deleted or corrupted, but what about the systems themselves? What if they have been damaged or infected as well?

Vissensa take a holistic approach to the backup and recovery of our client’s data and systems and back these important assets up with how they need to be recovered in mind. Our service protects from not having these vital components available in the event of fail or malware/virus intrusion that needs a full recovery. We also ensure that recovery tests are undertaken regularly to ensure the recovery process brings back what is expected.

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Backup and Business Continuity Services Include

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    Backup Service

    Vissensa back up vast amounts of customer data on a daily basis, each one has a different requirement, different retention periods and recovery requirements for the data we secure.

    Our technical team work closely with our customers to fully understand the components that might be required in the event of a total disaster and work from this point back to develop a process that ensures if the worse happens, a well understood process is followed to get the business up and running quickly. 

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    Connectivity Choice

    Heard the term “garbage in Garbage out”? If you have, you’ll know it means in backup terms, you can only recover what you backed up. Sadly, there a many cases where companies thought they were backing up the right things only to discover they weren’t.

    This is even more critical for today’s operations as the “jumbo jet” disaster scenario has now evolved into data breach and ransomware attacks that can render a business as damage as a physical event.

    Vissensa ensure that the systems required to allow your business to continue after a failure are identified, backed up and recovered to cover changes that are made since the last test was undertaken.  

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    Business Continuity Service

    Vissensa have an owner operated cloud platform, which we use for our cloud-based customers and also to reserve space to allow full business continuity tests to be carried out on behalf of our customers.

    This ensures our customers don’t have to suffer any disruption to their live operational systems, reduce expenditure on expensive equipment that sits idle waiting for disaster to strike, and allows an experienced provider to support their business continuity plans. 


Our Backup Services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Broad Knowledge

    We backup data and test recovery techniques on a daily basis and secure critical systems and data for companies all over the world – join our growing list of customers using Vissensa.

  • Recovery Platforms

    Vissensa operate a range of recovery option services that can be to you own site recovery location or to one of ours – call us to discuss which one would work for you.

  • Creating the Process

    Ensuring that the process and steps of what elements of your business IT systems are recovered is the difference between success and failure – let us take the strain.

  • Reserved Space

    For those customers who want an near immediate recovery of certain systems, Vissensa offer a comprehensive cost effective reserved space option where server images are lined up ready to activate in the event of a primary site failure.

  • Solutions with Cost in Mind

    We understand that backup and recovery is never high on the list of things to want to do, but its important they are not ignored, that’s why we have a range of options for big or small companies.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started

Vissensa solution has allowed Moscow Exchange to quickly service the needs of its clients in London without the expense of sending personnel to London to implement and manage the infrastructure.

Vissensa have a team of high quality people and its 24/7 helpdesk and monitoring services are an attractive part of the offering.

A Braginskiy, Managing Director, Communications