Fortinet Firewall Partner

Vissensa is a Fortinet Firewall Partner, supplying a range of NGFW Fortigate Firewalls and more security solutions for your business.

Our Fortinet Firewall Partnership

Vissensa and Fortinet

Our History With Fortinet

Over the years, Vissensa has forged a strong alliance with Fortinet, marked by fruitful collaboration and shared progress. As a Silver Fortinet Partner, Vissensa has harnessed the power of Fortinet’s cutting-edge products and services to provide top-notch solutions to our clients. Fortinet’s robust and reliable cybersecurity offerings seamlessly integrate with Vissensa’s comprehensive IT services, enabling us to deliver enhanced performance, scalability, and security to our valued customers.

This enduring partnership is founded on a mutual dedication to excellence, technological advancement, and utmost client satisfaction. Vissensa greatly appreciates Fortinet’s consistent quality, responsiveness, and commitment to delivering industry-leading solutions, making them a trusted ally in meeting the ever-evolving security demands of our clients in the dynamic digital landscape. Together, we strive to protect and empower businesses, ensuring their success in an increasingly interconnected world.

Fortinet UK Partner
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Our Fortinet Firewall Partner Managed Services

Vissensa’s Fortinet Firewall Partner Managed Services bring together the expertise of Vissensa’s team of IT experts and cutting-edge technology of Fortinet to deliver comprehensive and efficient IT solutions to their clients. As a leading provider of managed services, Vissensa leverage Fortinet’s robust Firewall solutions to create tailor-made managed services packages that address the specific needs and challenges of their clients’ IT infrastructure.

By combining Fortinet’s industry-leading products with Vissensa’s decades of experience in managed services, we offer a wide range of solutions. These include proactive monitoring, network security, data backup and recovery, and cloud computing. Vissensa’s team of skilled professionals work closely with Fortinet to design, deploy, and manage these solutions, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and scalability for your IT environments.

With Vissensa’s IT expertise and Fortinet’s range of products and services, you can rest assured that we will provide the high-performance security solutions that your business requires. Whether you work for a small business or a large enterprise, Vissensa and Fortinet allow your business to maintain the safe online environment needed to maximise productivity and ease.

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Some of our popular Fortinet Products

Fortinet Fortigate

Fortinet NGFW

At Vissensa, we are proud to offer cutting-edge Network Security Solutions, including Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) from Fortinet.

As a trusted Fortinet partner, we bring industry-leading cybersecurity technology to our clients, empowering them with robust protection against modern cyber threats. Fortinet’s NGFWs combine advanced threat intelligence, deep packet inspection, and secure connectivity features. This multi-layered approach creates a comprehensive solution that will provide protection for any network, regardless of it’s size.

Vissensa’s IT expertise ensures a seamless integration into either brand new or existing infrastructure, providing your business with real-time threat detection and prevention capabilities.

As an organisation that values cybersecurity very highly, Fortinet’s NGFWs are a fantastic tool in our arsenal, and help us to offer the best solutions, ones that meet the unique security needs of each organisation we work with.

Fortinet SASE

Fortinet’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution, combined with Vissensa’s expertise and services, offers businesses a holistic and integrated approach to network security and connectivity. SASE brings together networking and security capabilities into a unified cloud-based platform, allowing businesses to efficiently and securely connect their users and devices to applications and services regardless of their location. Vissensa’s partnership with Fortinet ensures seamless integration and deployment of the SASE solution, tailored to the specific needs of each business. With Vissensa’s guidance, businesses can optimize their network architecture, reduce complexity, and enhance overall security posture, providing a scalable and agile environment to support their digital transformation journey.

Fortinet’s SASE solution provides a comprehensive and centralised security framework, ensuring consistent protection against evolving cyber threats. By converging networking and security functions, businesses can streamline their IT operations and reduce the need for multiple point solutions. Vissensa’s expertise in managing and optimizing Fortinet’s SASE offering further enables businesses to fully leverage the solution’s capabilities and ensure seamless integration with their existing infrastructure.

Fortinet UK Partner
Fortinet UK Partner

Fortinet SWG

Fortinet’s Secure Web Gateway (SWG) solution, in partnership with Vissensa, offers businesses of all sizes a powerful and comprehensive web security platform. With Fortinet SWG, organizations gain advanced protection against web-based threats, malicious URLs, and unwanted content, ensuring a secure and productive online environment for their employees.

Fortinet SWG offers a number of incredible features, these being: application control, web filtering, and URL categorisation. These features all work together to help businesses enforce granular web usage policies, ensure compliance with acceptable use policies and keep data from being accessed by unauthorised sources.

Vissensa’s support and monitoring services ensure that the SWG solution is continuously optimised and fine-tuned to address the ever-changing threat landscape, offering businesses peace of mind and a proactive defence against cyberattacks.

The combination of Fortinet’s Secure Web Gateway and Vissensa’s expertise in cybersecurity will provide a flexible solution that will help your business protect it’s data from a multitude of online threats. Our Fortinet SWG services not only ensure the continuous monitoring and improvement of web security measures but also allows businesses to tailor their web usage policies to meet their specific needs and industry compliance requirements. With Fortinet SWG and Vissensa, businesses can confidently continue their digital journey, knowing they have a strong and prepared defence to counter the cyber threats they may face.

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Which Fortinet product provides both SD-WAN and NGFW security?

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN provides both SD-WAN and NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall) security capabilities, offering a comprehensive solution for secure and efficient network connectivity. For more information on SD-WAN, check out our guide