Covid-19 IT Advice & Guidance

Beyond COVID19

How key IT solutions can accelerate your return to business as usual

We find ourselves in uncharted territory. COVID-19 is affecting many businesses, and many countries around the world. At Vissensa, we believe that we should be sharing our knowledge and expertise for all who need it, to help companies embrace technology in this ‘new norm’ workplace the right way.

This page will be updated regularly with informative content, products and services that are free to use. We’ll explore and identify the best communication, collaboration and sharing tools to help you not just maintain business continuity, but to operate to the best of your ability during these difficult times.

We recently launched an initiative to help businesses migrate to Microsoft Office 365 for FREE*, enabling the use of modern applications to assist with homeworking environments.

If you are already with Microsoft Office 365, there are a number of ways Vissensa can still help with your IT and your licensing – by ensuring you have the best set up in place, and advising on how to reduce unnecessary IT spend.

To begin your migration, get in touch. First things first, we’ll review your environment to see if it’s possible for us to conduct your migration, for free.


Zoom’s FREE online video conferencing platform enables you to easily communicate and collaborate.

To make life even easier, you are able to join from any device.


Utilise Microsoft Teams for file sharing and syncing across the organisation.

Used by businesses to set up groups of different department to enable chat and conversations.


Utilise Microsoft Sharepoint for file storage across the organisation if you have Office 365 licenses.

If not Office 365, availability of Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox.

Extra Covid help for Businesses


Need some FREE IT advice?

We’re here for all businesses that are worried about remote working set up or business continuity due to COVID-19. We should all be looking out for each other at this time, and we feel it is our duty and responsibility as an IT Services company to offer our expertise to help businesses that are concerned about the impact this may cause, and need help making the right arrangements.

*FREE Migration is currently available to businesses with up to 25 users and, dependant on current email platform in place, Exchange Servers may require a consultancy charge. We do encourage any business to speak to us about their migration, and we will ensure this is done in the most cost-effective way – but, wherever possible, for free.

Please feel free to call us on 02382 357 800 – we’re here to help. Get in touch